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Sunday, April 23, 2006

What I conversations I have when I'm suppose to be working...

Me: Danza slap - Slapping a woman's face with your penis. Refers to the urban legend that the actor Tony Danza starred in adult movies where he performed this act.
S.O.: So who's the boss? And seriously, you enjoy this activity that much that you are looking it up on the net. You need a therapist.
Me:I got that out of someone's AIM profile. And I'm not the pervert that talks about it all the time. I just thought it was humorous. Geez.
S.O.: Anna, we all know that it was your profile.
S.O.: Why is it that all my life I've had to live in the shadows of Tony Danza? Everybodys always like, "Oh, its so funny when Tony Danza slaps a wang on my face" and, "Oh, I love Tony Danza and he can do whatever he wants to me." And then the second I do something which is Danza-like I get hell for it. It isn't fair. I'm going to go cut myself now.
Me: Drama Queen... you definitely aren't the boss.
S.O.: Dont make me Danza slap you


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