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Saturday, April 08, 2006

To have emotion or not to.

Emotion gets the best of everyone. Sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes not. For females it seems to happen more frequently than it does in males. We are the nurturers, the protectors, we can be fierce and we can shop for shoes. All these things just scream emotion.
For me at least…

I recognize in myself that I react with emotions. It’s something that I honestly don’t like doing. I also didn’t tell myself I did until just a year ago. Before that I was just right in all arguments regardless of the logic behind it. These days I try my best not to do just that. Denial doesn’t keep me warm at night.

Instead, I don’t deny my emotions I just let them wait until the appropriate time. I might feel emotional at some point and if the situation isn’t right (which it usually isn’t) I push them aside, try to think logically, and then unleash the emotions later on when I’m alone or when I’m with another female who I trust (I’m not about gossip either).

This, though it sounds smart, is harder than it seems for a female. I’m not saying that it’s hard for me… it just seems to be harder for every other female I meet (excluding just a few). Why can female’s not see the detrimental traits to reacting on emotion? I know at one point it wasn’t so easy for me, but I had one person point it out, and then I fixed it. And yes, I feel it is something that needs to be fixed. Men can have a fight, fists and all, and at the end of it go back to being friends. The emotion was let out, and then logically they can see they were both at fault. Why can’t women do the same? With women the fight grows deeper and more painful with every “blow.”

I love my few exceptions to the rule. Those females I’ll be friends with until my dying day.


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