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Monday, March 20, 2006

I haven't written a real post on here in so long, I don't think I remember how.
A lot has happened in the past 9 months. Some of it is worth talking about, some of it isn't. I've had to remain very vague on here for the past few months because of some of the horrible e-mails I've gotten. 3 or 4 months have past since I've received a bad e-mail, and in that time, I've discovered a very important fact about the situation regarding the e-mails.

I don't care.

So, my life in a New York minute.
•I work now using my first degree (ironically, because I started the second degree thinking I wouldn't get a job with the first one) and still going to school for my second degree (first degree was just an associates).
•I live by myself now. Not something I would have foreseen, but I am nonetheless. Hopefully, come this summer, I won't be living alone the whole time.
•I'm dating again. Not something I would have foreseen, but I am nonetheless. My brother sat me down very seriously one evening and said, "Do not go out with someone, even on a date, because they have asked you too. Next time you go on a date it should be because YOU'VE asked the guy out, not the opposite."
I thought about it awhile, and I was surprised how much my younger brother made sense, because the only way I'd ask someone out is if A.) I had gotten to know them somewhat before hand and B.) If I had put a lot of thought into doing the asking.
Both seemed like good things to do to protect myself a little.

So I waited, and after 3 or 4 months I met someone that I considered in asking out.

3 or 4 months later I actually got up the nerve to do so.

•I've made some new friends and renewed old friend's friendship (does that even make sense?). Strangely, my new friends, significantgant other, and old friends all get along really well. Not something that happens often in my life.
Usually someone always hates someone else.
Usually it's the guy I'm dating that hates everyone.
This time, the only person hated is the guy that assumed I was dating him because I hung out with him as friends. That persoNo. no one likes.
•I drink a lot of coffee
The End.


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