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Monday, February 27, 2006

Pimp and Ho 2006

Amy with the kiss on the boob, Matt is the pimp, I'm hardly visible, and Dustie is feeling Matt up So Friday night was an interesting night. I got dressed in one of the sluttish outfits I’ve ever worn, got a keg, and invited people over… maybe not in that order…

The keg cost around 70 bucks and at the end of the night I had 110 bucks. So I actually made money on this endeavor. Something I honestly didn’t know could happen, I thought parties were

(Amy, Matt, Dustie and Me)
expensive so people didn’t throw them that often, who ever said that originally was LYING… I feel like throwing one each week… my slogan “Low on cash? THROW A PARTY!”

I’d be a hit.

Overall the party was a big success. I still have half a keg, and my fridge is stocked with beer and other beverages (That’s another thing, at the end of a party isn’t the host suppose to have NO alcohol not more than she started with?) but I guess since people are still coming up to me saying things like “YOUR PARTIES ROCK!” or “THAT WAS THE PARTY OF THE SEMESTER! WHEN IS YOUR NEXT ONE!” then apparently it wasn’t a bad party.

I’m out.


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