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Thursday, January 12, 2006

I wish I could write here how I feel. But I can't.
You see, this nice ANONYMOUS blog has turned into something that people see ALL THE TIME. I don't mind most of the people that come here. Most of you like to just read the funny stories I write and the spins and curves of where life takes me. You are the people I like.
The people I don't like are those crazy ex boyfriends who come here (I originially wrote at this address to get AWAY from those people) or relatives, over seas, with not a lot of things to do, that come to my blog to read my thoughts and crazy stories, then call my ex boyfriend who I'm still friends with and tell him that i really wasn't worth the effort he put into me because I'm just a trashy whore. Those people I definitely don't like.

But whatever.

I started a new blog.

And since there are a lot of people I still would like to hear their comments and thoughts on my post... I'm trying to debate what to do.
I do NOT want to post the link on this blog.
I do NOT want to have everyone e-mail me and then I e-mail them back.
So what I think I'll do, is add people to my screen name if they IM me "Anjuharsha" and then after a week or so, I'll put up the link under that profile.
That is the only way I feel I can safely get away from ex's and relatives of ex's.
Of course I have no idea how long this will last before the ex's find me again.

Probably not long.
Maybe I should just suffer through and get called a trashy whore by people in another country who I've never even met...


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