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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Body Language

It's interesting to me how many people don't pick up on body language. It's almost as amazing as those few people that do pick up on it.

Last night in conversation I got uncomfortable. It wasn't a big deal, it wasn't a really horrible situation or anything... just the subject matter made me a little uncomfortable. Everyone goes through it, I certainly have anyway. Most people continue their story, and other people in the conversation try to top it, and all the while you sit there and think, "How can I leave this conversation gracefully?"

After the first story was told, by someone close to me, I expected the next person to follow suit with a bigger story to try and trump it. I didn't want to hear the bigger story, but I was having a hard time figuring out how to leave.

The first person finished up their story, in a somewhat expected ending, and then immediately without pause launched into, "Wow, look at her over there, she had about an inch of respect for me, and now she has about a fourth of an inch left."

I turned and smiled and said very quietly, "Oh we've all been assholes before, it's not a big deal." The other person at the table looked as if a monkey started flying beside the table, they obviously had no idea the subtely of the conversation.

Long story short, I didn't have to hear the trump story, and for once it was nice for someone to pick up on my body language instead of the other way around.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Today I had a lady call me at my office.
Me: "Hello Yadda Yadda, can I help you?"
Lady: "No I'm sorry, I'm afraid you can't, I have an evil phone list that is making me do this"
Me: "... ... ... ... uh ok, Goodbye?"
Lady: "Have a nice day!"

It's days like these that I wish I was the woman in the picture above, and not the woman I am now feeling as if someone is always playing one big practical joke on her.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I wish I could write here how I feel. But I can't.
You see, this nice ANONYMOUS blog has turned into something that people see ALL THE TIME. I don't mind most of the people that come here. Most of you like to just read the funny stories I write and the spins and curves of where life takes me. You are the people I like.
The people I don't like are those crazy ex boyfriends who come here (I originially wrote at this address to get AWAY from those people) or relatives, over seas, with not a lot of things to do, that come to my blog to read my thoughts and crazy stories, then call my ex boyfriend who I'm still friends with and tell him that i really wasn't worth the effort he put into me because I'm just a trashy whore. Those people I definitely don't like.

But whatever.

I started a new blog.

And since there are a lot of people I still would like to hear their comments and thoughts on my post... I'm trying to debate what to do.
I do NOT want to post the link on this blog.
I do NOT want to have everyone e-mail me and then I e-mail them back.
So what I think I'll do, is add people to my screen name if they IM me "Anjuharsha" and then after a week or so, I'll put up the link under that profile.
That is the only way I feel I can safely get away from ex's and relatives of ex's.
Of course I have no idea how long this will last before the ex's find me again.

Probably not long.
Maybe I should just suffer through and get called a trashy whore by people in another country who I've never even met...

American Movie

So I saw possibly one of the worst and best movies of my life the other day.

American Movie

I cannot begin to tell you how I loved and hated this movie.
And at the end of it, I felt happy and sad at the same time.
Here are some select quotes from it that made me cry and laugh at the same time.

Mark Borchardt: I was called to the bathroom at the cemetery to take care of something. I walked in the bathroom, and in the middle toilet right there... somebody didn't shit in the toilet, somebody shat on the toilet. They shat on the wall, they shat on the floor. I had to clean it up, man, but before that, for about 10 to 15 seconds man, I just stared at somebody's shit, man. To be totally honest with you, man, it was a really, really profound moment. Cuz I was thinkin', "I'm 30 years old, and in about 10 seconds I gotta start cleaning up somebody's shit, man."

Mark Borchardt: Last night, man, I was so drunk, I was calling Morocco, man. Trying to get to the Hotel Hilton at Tangiers in Casablanca, man. That's pathetic, man. Is that what you wanna do with your life? Suck down peppermint schnapps and try to call Morocco at 2:00 in the morning? That's senseless. But that's what happens, man.