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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

So today I donated blood.

I was a little nervous considering the last time I went to donate the lady stuck me 4 times in my right arm with the needle, got frustrated, and then stuck the needle in my left arm and miraculously found a vein (I am right handed). At the very end of a long 45 minutes, my blood ran out and she just barely was able to fill up the four viles of blood she needed to test on.

So this time I was worried.

The lady looked at both of my veins after I told her the story of the last time I donated. She said she'd definitely find the vein in my right arm. So I trusted her.
She had me hooked up, poked me ONCE, and the blood started flowing, she first filled up the four viles she needed and then started the rest into the bag. She turned to the person next to me and started helping them out of the chair. She turned back to me after a minute, and looked down below my chair with a look of concern, and said, "My you bleed fast" then before I could ask what she meant, she turned back to the girl in the chair next to me and said, "Please leave this bandage on for the next 4 to 6 hours," she then helped the girl out of the chair and walked her over to the table.
Meanwhile I started a crossword puzzle because the average length I had seen in the chair was 30 minutes.

What could have not been more than 3 minutes after she left my area she returned, looked at the bag I was bleeding into and with a look of concern said, "I think you are done."

5 minutes I bled an entire pint of blood.
When she was bandaging me, she simply said, "Please leave this on for 6 hours."


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