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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So I’m in Alpha Phi Omega, which is basically boy scouts for the college student, then add some females to the mix, then add things like “Meals on Wheels” and “Playing Euchre with the people in the retirement home” and then you have APO.

I even have to know the Boy Scout motto for this group.

So our pledge class is known as the “Schroeders” which looks like its pronounced “Schroeder” but it is actually pronounced “Schraader” it’s confusing as hell.
Anyway, the Schroeders are supposed to come up with a slogan for our class… Our slogan

“We would come up with a slogan but we were too busy having sex”

And that, my friends, sums up my entire pledge class.

It was actually one of the most fitting slogans I’ve ever seen.
Other runner ups were “F.U.C.K. stands for Friends U Can Keep, so I say we F.U.C.K. forever”
and “Your slogan is like your special area, you are the one who gets to choose who can touch it”
and my favorite “If you pole dance like Pivo (she is a female in our pledge class) then you must be one of us.”

Notice the sexual innuendos?

So every year the pledges have to play a prank on the actives, when my brother pledged they paper clipped 400 dixie cups together, covering the floor and table in the APO office, and then filled them with water. My year, BALLOONS, enough balloons that the entire office was filled to the top of the table with them. Over 10,000 of them, that were all blown up from 11pm to 2am. So what was everyone’s away message the next day?

“Schroeders did 10,000 blow jobs in less than three hours”


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