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Friday, October 21, 2005

Ok so here is the REAL story...

So this story went around the grapevine at an alarming rate.

For those few people who haven't already heard it, here is how it happened:

So Paul, (friend I've had for 7 years) invited Katie and I (my best friend and I) over to his house because people (Nate and Mark) were over there drinking.... shit, it sounds bad already....

So we have 5 people, the one in a suit decides he can't stay any longer because... well... he was in a suit and tie. So we have 4 people, the one who has to work the next morning then leaves, and we have 3 people.
Paul, Katie, and I decided to drink some more.
Wait... Katie and I decided to drink some more.
Paul cooked us food.

So jokingly I pulled one of Paul's belts off the wall and started hitting Katie with it, she got annoyed and I put it back.
Then Paul pulls out a pair of fuzzy handcuffs out of nowhere and in a very Jerry Springerish style threw them between Katie and I and gave us an expression like, "Here, do something with these."

Katie and I were drunk.. ok?!?

So at first it was a war between Katie and I with the handcuffs (who can handcuff who), then we got bored and Paul and I decided to argue about the definitions of Sadism and Masochism, I won, but I had to go onto his computer to prove it. Apparently while I was at his computer he got ahold of the handcuffs and managed (it was probably easy) to get me handcuffed with my hands behind my back.

Katie thought it was "Hilarious."

So there I am, looking up definitions of S&M and I'm handcuffed.
I was suddenly reminded of the movie Secretary.
After a brief discussion of the movie Secretary while I was handcuffed, Katie finally took pity on me and unhandcuffed me. So I, in turn, handcuffed her to the door.

I thought it was "Hilarious."

Around that time I realized how drunk I was, I had donated blood earlier that day and I'm pretty sure my tolerance was low. So it was time for Anna to pass out.

At first I was going to walk home, then Katie said "No" because she too was very drunk, so I passed out in Paul's bed. Katie joined me a while later, and Paul a while after that.

So when I woke up at 5 am, I realized that I was in a bed, with someone I've known for 7 years and my best friend. Feeling a little weird, I got out of the bed, got my shoes in the dark, found a hoodie in the living room, and walked home.

That was the night, in accurate detail. NO sex was involved, NO S&M was played, and NO lesbianism happened.
It was innocent as much as a pair of handcuffs and three people in a bed can be.


My brother even found out about this story.
Scary enough.
My brother and I (Thanks to APO) have learned a lot about each other this year. We've learned so much that my brother can easily listen to stories about me in bed with a guy and a girl and I can easily laugh at the package of condoms in the car that we share (I even hung them from the rear view mirror!).

When Neil said, "APO will change you" I didn't realize what he meant.


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