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Friday, October 07, 2005

Bacardi and Cola, they get the job done.

Last night we went drinking and dancing. I’d say who the collective “we” broke down into... but I don’t have time to write down that many names.
So on with the story.
It was Wendy’s birthday and everyone was told they’d have to go out whether they really wanted too or not. Katie and I got ready and did our hair, and then went to pick up Paul, Paul got ready and did his hair (he takes soooooo long) and then we did some last minute errands. Got back to the apartment, and made Greg get ready (doesn’t take as long but still quite a bit of time was taken on his part too) and then we were set. After 20 minutes of sitting and ready to go, CJ showed up and we hit the bars, Nate was the last to arrive because he does crazy things like “earning money” and shit like that so he had to meet us there.

We get there and the Bacardi Girls were already out and about. The CollectiveWe didn’t know about the girls arriving, but we weren’t disappointed. They had set up a cage and everything in the center of the dance floor. So the CollectiveWe met more and more of our CollectiveWe group and then everyone got drinks and hit the dance floor. It was the usual, dance for awhile, sit for awhile, dance for awhile, sit for awhile… then suddenly I got a wild streak and it was like “Girl’s Gone Wild” all over again and I wanted to go to the cage to dance. I looked over at Katie and she saw “the need to dance in the cage but can’t do it alone” look in my eyes and said simply, “Let’s Go.”

I need to stop a minute and tell the audience that it was at this point that my love for Katie truly blossomed. Katie did not judge my behavior or say something like, “Are you serious?!” in that sarcastic tone or say something like, “Hell no, you can go alone.” She simply knew that I had to go, and that she had to go with me.
I Heart Katie.

Ok back to the story.

After leaving early, passing out, waking up to some alpha male pounding on my door, coming out of my room in PJs only to find CJ and Wendy shoving penis cake all over each other (um… another blog post entirely) and then going to my room to pass out again. I found the night to be quite entertaining.
I wonder what the rest of the weekend will be like.

And in case you didn’t notice that I left out the part of the night where I was in the cage (oh yes, I was), I would just like to say that “Sorry” there is no way in hell that I will ever repeat what happened in that cage… but I shall always have my memories… and God willing no pictures will surface.


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