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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

That Sucks

So I'm kind of feeling like that "Wow, your TV sucks hard" commercial. Not that I suck... I'm a very likeable person, more like, I feel like the TV, who currently sucks. Wait, your TV doesn't suck?

Ok.. Enough of that.

Anyway, it seems like people on this campus think I have a Purdue University map tattooed on my ass. Or maybe it's really starting to show that I am a super senior or maybe... Damn.. I might be getting old.
Whatever the reason, I suck, people will cross streets to ask me where the physics building is (I'm sorry, am I holding a quantum physics book in my hand?) or interrupts me reading peacefully to ask which buses have past by (hello, I was reading not paying attention to buses), or just your common, "Am I on campus right now?" sort of questions.

For awhile I was like, Damn, I suck and I'm going to be late for class trying to explain where the physics building is to an Asian girl who could barely say "physics" let alone understand my southern Indiana accent. Sucking, well, sucks and I was trying to find ways to prevent people from attaching themselves to me.

Well today, sucking worked in my favor.
I had to carry a somewhat heavy box to the Stewart Center (for those of you not part of Purdue it was carried about a block and a half distance) and along the way the usual sucking occurred. This time was different because the sucking was all about helping me, and not slowing me down. For instance, the two nice gentlemen (at different occasions) coming up to me and offering to carry the box for me. DID YOU HEAR THAT? THEY OFFERED TO CARRY THE BOX! I didn't know such gentleman existed on this campus let alone having two spring out at me in one day. Then when I got to the Stewart Center, I had three different people hold the door for me. THREE PEOPLE.

I suck, and I love it.


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