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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Shit, Shit guys...

Sooooo... Long story, but the gist of it is I'm currently annoying myself.

It all started on the Fourth of July, or rather, that weekend. I met a group of people who went around saying things like, "I am Le Tired" and "Shit, shit guys." At first I thought maybe they had some personal inside joke between them, so I didn't ask questions. Then my roommate started doing it, and like any disease I was suddenly caught saying those phrases.
I eventually figured out the phrases came from this flash animation, so then they became even funnier to me.

Now Katie and I say "Le" in front of everything and when we feel like we are in trouble we say "Shit shit guys.."

How is this annoying?

Let me tell you the following story:

So Katie and I went to Le Store and decided to buy Le Groceries for Le Weekend. While we were there we decided to buy more Le Alcohol and more Le Junk Food. After coming out of Le Store we unloaded Le Cart and put Le Cart in the Le Cart Holder. On the way back to Le Car I noticed another Le Cart next to Katie's Le Car, knowing that I'm part of the sons of bitches in this world, I just rolled Le Cart away from Le Car. Le Cart decided to FIRE ZE MISSLES and turned and headed right towards another Le Car with Le People inside it. Le People's Le Car was not hurt, only Le Cart bumped Le Wheel which is rubber. Le People did not Le Care. Le People got out of their Le Car and started yelling. "You SONS OF BITCHES" they yelled, and Katie and I were like, "Shit, Shit guys... who the fuck is yelling at us?" Katie started her Le Car and we drove in Le Hurry.

Annoying, yes?


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