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Friday, September 30, 2005

Hangover Heaven

So last night I went out. I had a shot of rum before I left, and when I got there I got a rum and coke. I drank half of the rum and coke and I was wasted. I could barely stand up. Not usual for me…. Well.. at one point it was usual because my nickname was “Two Beer Anna” or “TBA” for short, but since that time, I’ve had a much higher tolerance. A while ago I had 7 shots of rum in one night, so I was at a loss on why I could feel wasted after so few.

I’m sure some of you at this point are going, “Wow, I didn’t know she was like this”

This morning at 1:30 am, I suddenly felt ill, so I decided to go home (from the bars), two men accompanied me so I wasn’t alone and once I got there, it seemed to get better. Then around 2, I suddenly felt ill again, so I laid down in my bed, at 3 am I was awakened by a drunk man, and I realized I felt better again. So I went outside into the living room, and felt good, suddenly at 4 am, I felt bad again. At 6 am I woke up and got sick in my bathroom and then went back to bed. At 9 am I woke up and my head was pounding and at 10 am I got sick again.

I called my roommate at this time and asked if she wanted me to bring her coffee, she said “yes please” and I went to Starbucks.


No joke.

My stomach and head felt better at once.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Today was one of those days where at 3 o'clock I suddenly thought to myself, "I'm going to pass out."
So I quickly get up walk to the bathroom, causing black spots to fly in front of my eyes and for me to break out in a cold sweat. As I stand in front of the sink in the bathroom trying not to pass out and splashing cold water on my face, I think to myself, "What is wrong with me?" I start thinking about all the things I ate today, and then.. I remember.. I haven't eaten today.
No food.
Just coffee.
8 am was so long ago and I had so many appointments since, that I had forgotten to eat.

Thank God I work at a coffee shop that sells food... only one more hour.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sooooo... I posted what I did below, went back to work... drank some coffee, and then checked my Stat counter about 30 minutes after posting. 2 minutes after posting the below statements, I got a hit from "Russian Federation" with no referring link (meaning no Google searches to get them to my blog).

I'd have to say that is my one and only hit from a Russian source...ever...
Kind of freaky.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Otsosi, potom prosi

Yuri Orlov: After the Cold War, the AK-47 became Russia's biggest export. After that came vodka, caviar, and suicidal novelists.

So I saw Lord of War over this past weekend. It was an excellent movie. I think women would even like this movie. Well... If you are one of those women that only watch a movie because the girl gets the guy, or the guy realizes that the woman of his dreams has walked out the door, or that the guy gets his balls caught on fire while a monkey repeatedly stabs his crotch, then you probably won’t like this movie. If you are a normal woman who thinks women and men are equally mean to each other, then you will love this movie. Sadly, I had to say all that and this movie doesn’t even have much to do with love…
It does have a lot to do with war though, hence the title, and it was very interesting to see the side of war that profits from it. Personally, I like movies that don’t end on a completely happy and upbeat note, balls on fire or not, and I think this is one of those movies that people won’t realize is good until it is too late. This movie has a realistic ending and thats about all i'm going to say about it.

Friday, September 23, 2005

I had a bad day Wednesday.
I missed seeing Jack Hanna.
I cried a lot... you know.. the worst things that could happen, happened.

Yesterday was exponentially better.
I was excited and happy all day.

Today has been the best by far.
Both personally and professionally.
Since I didn't get to go to Jack Hanna my boss got me an autograph for me.
I almost cried.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm melting.

It's 100 degrees, hot, humid, windy, and my hair which was perfect this morning is completely ruined.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Short stories.

It's about a girl I highly dislike talking about how she hates her boss on her blog.
The boss read it.
Got upset.
Didn't tell her.
But told everyone else who should have been her friend.
Now everyone hates her and she doesn't realize it.
Makes me smile.
I'm evil.

I got a mass e-mail from a person I haven't heard from in a long time.
He updated his account.
I was on his list.
I replied back with a one liner saying, "I promise not to send you spam"
He replied back with, "How about a long e-mail from you?"
Like a dog.
I've been trained.
Not to talk to him.
Now who trained me is far away.
And probably wouldn't care anyway.
But like Pavlov's pet.
I cannot think.
Unless I hear a bell ring.

Friday, September 16, 2005

My night on Wednesday was interesting.

I get off of work at 1:30 am, so you'd think I'd be in bed by 2 am, but that's just not true.
When I got off of work my roommate Katie had called from my brother Neil's phone. Interesting I thought, she wanted me to bring home gallons of coffee. So I called my brother who picked up and said it was a long story that involved circus midgets and a tow truck. I asked him to hand the phone over to someone sane, so he handed it to Katie who said they were stuck at wal-mart and Neil was there Knight in shiny armor and had come to rescue them. Apparently Katie was insane too at that point.
So I disconnected and decided to call my friend Paul who I knew to probably be out at the bars. He tried to convince me to come out, and almost had me until I said, "Are you sure it's a good idea?" which prompted him to say "Now that you mention it, it probably isn't a good idea" and then he disconnected. Weirded out by the series of phone calls at 2 in the morning, I decided to make mac and cheese and watch some chick flick. At 2:30, my phone decided to start ringing again. First was Paul, who literally said, "WTF, Mate?" (See Below) when I picked up the phone. Apparently, he too is Le Crazy and was Le Joking about it was a bad idea for me to come out, (proving I do not get drunk people's humor). Then my phone rang again at 2:45 with Katie saying she was coming home, and then again at 3 am because her friends needed to be let in our apartment (we have a security system that dials my phone when people want to be buzzed in).

So normally my Wednesday nights are quiet and relaxing, but apparently I was destined for a different sort of night that night.... I'm only writing this now because some day I will want to remember how many people called me from the hours of 1 and 3am.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I thought it was a cool picture.... so I'm sharing.

My APO family... it goes Dad, Sister, Mom, Me... Brother wasn't pictured.
Can I get a signature?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Man... some of my dedicated fans go to great lengths to visit here once a day.

I'm just curious.. wouldn't it be easier to bookmark the address, instead of going to Google every day and typing in "Anju Harsha" or "Anju Harsha Anna" and THEN clicking my site.... One of them is even a college student (or staff I guess)... I thought college people were lazy... I know I am (Maybe I should take it as a compliment...?). I have a bookmark for every blog I go too. And I can also come here to go to the links... which reminds me... Blur and Cray3, I will be putting your blogs at the side as soon as I get a free afternoon this week. :)

Damn... that was a lot of links.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

That Sucks

So I'm kind of feeling like that "Wow, your TV sucks hard" commercial. Not that I suck... I'm a very likeable person, more like, I feel like the TV, who currently sucks. Wait, your TV doesn't suck?

Ok.. Enough of that.

Anyway, it seems like people on this campus think I have a Purdue University map tattooed on my ass. Or maybe it's really starting to show that I am a super senior or maybe... Damn.. I might be getting old.
Whatever the reason, I suck, people will cross streets to ask me where the physics building is (I'm sorry, am I holding a quantum physics book in my hand?) or interrupts me reading peacefully to ask which buses have past by (hello, I was reading not paying attention to buses), or just your common, "Am I on campus right now?" sort of questions.

For awhile I was like, Damn, I suck and I'm going to be late for class trying to explain where the physics building is to an Asian girl who could barely say "physics" let alone understand my southern Indiana accent. Sucking, well, sucks and I was trying to find ways to prevent people from attaching themselves to me.

Well today, sucking worked in my favor.
I had to carry a somewhat heavy box to the Stewart Center (for those of you not part of Purdue it was carried about a block and a half distance) and along the way the usual sucking occurred. This time was different because the sucking was all about helping me, and not slowing me down. For instance, the two nice gentlemen (at different occasions) coming up to me and offering to carry the box for me. DID YOU HEAR THAT? THEY OFFERED TO CARRY THE BOX! I didn't know such gentleman existed on this campus let alone having two spring out at me in one day. Then when I got to the Stewart Center, I had three different people hold the door for me. THREE PEOPLE.

I suck, and I love it.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Shit, Shit guys...

Sooooo... Long story, but the gist of it is I'm currently annoying myself.

It all started on the Fourth of July, or rather, that weekend. I met a group of people who went around saying things like, "I am Le Tired" and "Shit, shit guys." At first I thought maybe they had some personal inside joke between them, so I didn't ask questions. Then my roommate started doing it, and like any disease I was suddenly caught saying those phrases.
I eventually figured out the phrases came from this flash animation, so then they became even funnier to me.

Now Katie and I say "Le" in front of everything and when we feel like we are in trouble we say "Shit shit guys.."

How is this annoying?

Let me tell you the following story:

So Katie and I went to Le Store and decided to buy Le Groceries for Le Weekend. While we were there we decided to buy more Le Alcohol and more Le Junk Food. After coming out of Le Store we unloaded Le Cart and put Le Cart in the Le Cart Holder. On the way back to Le Car I noticed another Le Cart next to Katie's Le Car, knowing that I'm part of the sons of bitches in this world, I just rolled Le Cart away from Le Car. Le Cart decided to FIRE ZE MISSLES and turned and headed right towards another Le Car with Le People inside it. Le People's Le Car was not hurt, only Le Cart bumped Le Wheel which is rubber. Le People did not Le Care. Le People got out of their Le Car and started yelling. "You SONS OF BITCHES" they yelled, and Katie and I were like, "Shit, Shit guys... who the fuck is yelling at us?" Katie started her Le Car and we drove in Le Hurry.

Annoying, yes?