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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Today is just one of those days where you wish you had INEEDCOFFEE tattooed on your forehead.

No reason in particular that you want this other than knowing that it's early, you were suppose to get up an hour before this, the only reason you are up now is because of a text message that if hadn't been sent would have definitely made a bad day for you, you need to somehow produce a pie in an hour, you have all the ingredients you need except ONE which for some reason is far more worse than if you were missing two or even three ingredients, when you get to the store looking like something from The Exorcist you find out that THAT DAY some local news crew decided to film the store and try to get YOU to talk into the microphone and camera, and after all that you realize that the only reason you probably turned off the alarm in your sleep is because of the copious amounts of coffee you drank last night at your new job as a barista.



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