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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Some things I learned only after I had pets...

I never would have noticed the two spiders in my window had it not been for Olivia (kitten). Last night when it was pouring rain and thundering, I opened the window so I could see it. I left the blinds up and closed the window because I love the rain, but I didn't want my computer wet. That's when Olivia found the spiders trapped between my window and the screen. She watched them fascinated as they scurried about trying to keep their web from getting destroyed by the rain. I shut off my lights in my room and crawled into bed watching her silhouetted by the lightning and patting my window...

I never would be up on a Saturday morning walking in the marvelous park we have by our house if it wasn't for Coco (dog). I woke up this morning and walked outside my room to find Katie (roommate) running around trying to get ready. "I'm running so late!" she told me. "Has Coco been out?" I asked, and when she replied with a no, I jumped on the opportunity to take him out. So at 8:30 on a Saturday, when most college students are passed out, I went out to the park with Coco. The park was cool and moist because of all the rain we had the night before, and it was absolutely beautiful. Coco did his thing, and I walked around with him noticing all the raindrop spiderwebs, and the vines with water drops still running down them. The smell of a wet park is absolutely amazing. You feel like all your senses have been cleansed by it. Coco was finally done, and I had to go back in. I thanked him on the way in because if it wasn't for him, I never would have noticed our park early in the morning...


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