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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Family is cursed...

So, right now the only computer that works is my laptop. The same day I got the laptop my desktop crashed and burned. Actually Google Desktop crashed and burned my computer, but I won't get into name calling right now. It's so weird because my family seems to only have a certain number of things before one of them fails.

Example: Our dogs. We are only allowed to have two dogs at any given time.
ANY TIME we have tried to get a third dog one of the first two dies. We could have all puppies, and it wouldn't matter, one of them would get hit, or die of a heart attack (did happen) or get flatten to death by the garage door (almost happened). It's just so odd that I feel someone cursed our family. If you look at it like this: One dog died of a mysterious foot infection, one dog died because she was hit by a car, and one dog died of a heart attack... (And if you think getting hit by a car isn't odd, then try on the idea that I live in the middle of nowhere with a quarter of a mile driveway.)

So Charlie the laptop is keeping me from going insane from not having the chance to check my e-mail. Thank god. So everything has gone along swimmingly until today when suddenly I realized that I have no music.
My room is noiseless.
It's almost haunting.
I've heard things in this apartment that I've never heard before.
It's spooky.

So I decided to try again at getting my desktop fixed. I tried it safe mode. I had a five minute dance before my safe mode (which had started working) failed me.

I have no idea what to do. My computer is there, its not a virus, my files are intact in the computer, but there is just no start button so I can GET to my files. Sigh... I wish I knew how to fix a computer.


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