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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Person 1: We need to talk.
Person 2: We do?
Person 1: Yes, we do.
Person 2: I don't know what I did, but I'll go upstairs and think about it.

So I put things in categories in my head, I think everyone does. Like for instance, I see a girl dressed in artsy t-shirts, jeans that are frayed, and sneakers, I probably will put her in an artsy, sarcastic, honest sort of category. Different category for the girl dressed in tight shirt, perfect jeans, and has a little purse with a little dog in it... I won't say that category I have for her out loud.

So last night I was at the coffee shop and talking to a girl that I put in the same category as myself. She didn't like the beauty queen that came in a few minutes before I did and was snotty to her, and started talking about how much she disliked people like that, after awhile it switched to how much each of us disliked reality shows. Then another co-worker showed up (who I put also in the same category as me) and we were talking about how dumb the public as a whole is, then I told a story about Kelly Clarkson and how she fooled the Purdue public by sneaking behind them to get to her van and how even a silly girl like her thinks the public is dumb.. and then my voice trailed off because the first co-worker had a very serious expression on her face... I looked at her.. and then she said, "I love Kelly Clarkson, she's a very 'real' celebrity."
At first I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, because I didn't know if she was serious or not...

Turns out... I should have cried.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Today's voicemail:

"Hey Anna, This is Paul. I just wanted to say that I had a really good time last night with you guys and that I'm really sorry about the cock sucking comment."

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

You never know what your cat is going to do when
A.) there is dog food out
B.) there is a bigger cat suddenly in the house
C.) there is a hole in a chair that you didn't know was there
D.) there is 4 cats in a cage that she can play with

cats at play

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Any day is a good day when I walk in to my office and find a food line of chocolate (including chocolate fondue) and at the end of it is a bottle of rum.

What person wouldn't like an office party like that?'

Ps. Anyone like Triple Chocolate Brownie Pie? I have a whole one.

Today is just one of those days where you wish you had INEEDCOFFEE tattooed on your forehead.

No reason in particular that you want this other than knowing that it's early, you were suppose to get up an hour before this, the only reason you are up now is because of a text message that if hadn't been sent would have definitely made a bad day for you, you need to somehow produce a pie in an hour, you have all the ingredients you need except ONE which for some reason is far more worse than if you were missing two or even three ingredients, when you get to the store looking like something from The Exorcist you find out that THAT DAY some local news crew decided to film the store and try to get YOU to talk into the microphone and camera, and after all that you realize that the only reason you probably turned off the alarm in your sleep is because of the copious amounts of coffee you drank last night at your new job as a barista.


Monday, August 22, 2005

Over the weekend I saw the movie Hero. I have wanted to see this movie for a very long time. I tried even seeing it while it was in the movie theaters, but to no avail. Finally, after almost a year of giving up and taking the second of two options, (can you have only have one option? or does it then become something you have no choice on?) I got to see it. I have to say I wasn't disappointed at all on the movie. If anything it went far beyond my expectations. Each mood for the movie was mirrored with its color of choice. Example: A very passionate or jealous part of the movie would have its mirror color be red or orange which are said to be colors that evoke passion or rage.
The storyline was excellent, even historically accurate. I had taken a course at Purdue on East Asian history. In that course we studied the Emperor Qin (pronounced Chin) extensively and I found that the movie showed some of Qin's major principles for unifying China.
I think anyone would enjoy this movie, and I highly recommend it, even if you are one of those people out there that say "Blech" to any Asian based movie.

You know who you are.
You stuck up "I-hate-all-asian-movies-just-because-they-are-popular" person, you. ;-)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Some things I learned only after I had pets...

I never would have noticed the two spiders in my window had it not been for Olivia (kitten). Last night when it was pouring rain and thundering, I opened the window so I could see it. I left the blinds up and closed the window because I love the rain, but I didn't want my computer wet. That's when Olivia found the spiders trapped between my window and the screen. She watched them fascinated as they scurried about trying to keep their web from getting destroyed by the rain. I shut off my lights in my room and crawled into bed watching her silhouetted by the lightning and patting my window...

I never would be up on a Saturday morning walking in the marvelous park we have by our house if it wasn't for Coco (dog). I woke up this morning and walked outside my room to find Katie (roommate) running around trying to get ready. "I'm running so late!" she told me. "Has Coco been out?" I asked, and when she replied with a no, I jumped on the opportunity to take him out. So at 8:30 on a Saturday, when most college students are passed out, I went out to the park with Coco. The park was cool and moist because of all the rain we had the night before, and it was absolutely beautiful. Coco did his thing, and I walked around with him noticing all the raindrop spiderwebs, and the vines with water drops still running down them. The smell of a wet park is absolutely amazing. You feel like all your senses have been cleansed by it. Coco was finally done, and I had to go back in. I thanked him on the way in because if it wasn't for him, I never would have noticed our park early in the morning...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Job Bonus

Today I recieved 678 dollars worth of tickets in the mail.
I looked at my seats on the chart, and I also have really good seats.

So my job hands me 678 dollars worth of tickets, pays me for doing virtually nothing, and we have frequent food and drink (yes the alcoholic kind) days...

The only thing I can think of is that God(, Buddha, Ganesha, Isis, Zeus, etc.)must be repaying me for all the hell I've gone through in my past.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Penis Envy

Today the word "penis" has been brought up more times than any other day that I could ever think of.

It was just such a rare word to hear in many different situations, in one day.

We shall call this "National Penis Day"

Monday, August 15, 2005

Purdue Convocations

So I completed my first Graphically enhanced project today. All my hard research and formatting has finally paid off and I have a professionally printed version of it in my hands.
I'm so happy. I love the fact that my Computer Graphics degree did something for my life, whether it is a part time student job or not.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Family is cursed...

So, right now the only computer that works is my laptop. The same day I got the laptop my desktop crashed and burned. Actually Google Desktop crashed and burned my computer, but I won't get into name calling right now. It's so weird because my family seems to only have a certain number of things before one of them fails.

Example: Our dogs. We are only allowed to have two dogs at any given time.
ANY TIME we have tried to get a third dog one of the first two dies. We could have all puppies, and it wouldn't matter, one of them would get hit, or die of a heart attack (did happen) or get flatten to death by the garage door (almost happened). It's just so odd that I feel someone cursed our family. If you look at it like this: One dog died of a mysterious foot infection, one dog died because she was hit by a car, and one dog died of a heart attack... (And if you think getting hit by a car isn't odd, then try on the idea that I live in the middle of nowhere with a quarter of a mile driveway.)

So Charlie the laptop is keeping me from going insane from not having the chance to check my e-mail. Thank god. So everything has gone along swimmingly until today when suddenly I realized that I have no music.
My room is noiseless.
It's almost haunting.
I've heard things in this apartment that I've never heard before.
It's spooky.

So I decided to try again at getting my desktop fixed. I tried it safe mode. I had a five minute dance before my safe mode (which had started working) failed me.

I have no idea what to do. My computer is there, its not a virus, my files are intact in the computer, but there is just no start button so I can GET to my files. Sigh... I wish I knew how to fix a computer.

For Cray3 and everyone else reading the last posts...

Andie: Does Princess Sophia want to come out and play?
Ben: Who's Princess Sophia?
[Andie points at his crotch]
Andie: Little, big, little, big... I don't know... we will find out!
Ben: You can't name my member... Princess Sophia.
Andie: Yes, I can!
Ben: If you are gonna name my... member, you have to name it something hyper masculine. Something like Spike, or Butch, or Krull the Warrior King!

Monday, August 08, 2005

For Katie and Katie K...

Today someone did a search for "Glen Ellyn Hot Girls naked pictures" and then came to my blog from that search.
I can only assume that this person was looking for my Katie and Katie K.
You girls have such a fan following that I am now getting hits from it. :)

The only part that worries me is the "naked pictures" part... I think next time I come to Chicago, I'm going to bring my Mace and be your personal body guard, spraying down those who I don't like. ;)

"Illinois, Glen Ellyn, United States,
0 returning visits
Date: 8th August 2005
Time: 02:17:25AM
WebPage Ellyn Hot Girls naked pictures&hl=en&lr=&start=20&sa=N"

Today when I woke up, I got up and started towards the bathroom.
On my way there I ran full face into the wall.
Apparently one leg was asleep but I didn't notice because I was so tired.

Olivia the kitten, looked at me as though I was insane.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Today I bought a beautiful new laptop.
I named it Charlie.
Don't laugh, if men are allowed to name their penis, then I'm allowed to name my laptop.

It doesn't have a celeron processor, it has a pentium processor, which seems to be virtually impossible to find in a laptop. So I'd like to think my laptop is one in a million, the apple of my eye, the diamond in the rough... etc.

Needless to say, I'm incredibly happy with it and I've finally made it to that world where you can browse the internet from the comfort of wherever you are sitting.

Friday, August 05, 2005

I just saw this movie. (pictured)
It was wonderfully vivid and interesting until the end.
Where the two characters die in concrete.
It was suppose to show "Everlasting love," but instead just kind of creeped me out.
The actors were wonderful, you really got involved and if I didn't know better I'd say they were in love in real life.
And then the ending scene just threw me.
It was a good plot line, it showed that playful sort of love that some people forget when they get older. I just wish the ending wasn't so confusing. To top off the fact that they die in concrete, the director didn't want a "sad" ending so he threw in a version of what would happen if they would have stayed alive, so that, we could be confused.

And here I was so hoping it would be another Amelie.

In any situation, there will always be 5 friends who agree with me, and 5 friends that will agree with you.

Can everyone just leave everyone else alone?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Purdue has idiots running their security...

So, Purdue University had someone hack into their system and then that person stole people's passwords.

It was a big deal, everyone had to change their passwords.. yadda yadda.

So now, Purdue University has schemed and planned all summer to come up with ways to prevent another attack on their Super Information Highway. They decided the Staff should be punished for their mistakes. Since I'm a "Staff" member here at Purdue, I also get punished. I have to come up with a password every month that has at least :
A.) One capital letter
B.) One lower case letter
C.)One number
D.) One of these !@#$%^&*() and my password cannot contain any of the following "anna" "ruth" "ann" "nna" "na" "rut" "uth" or any of the past passwords I've used.
If I use an "A" "N" "R" "U" "T" or "H" I cannot have them touching each other, just like in my childhood when I didn't want my broccoli touching my mashed potatoes.

So that leaves me with a password like, "!@$#1234tommyBOY."

Excellent, I can easily remember those passwords every month.

So apparently I'm the little rebel in the office, and I did the thing everyone whispers to each other about. I write down the password, and tape it to my monitor. I was afraid I would forget an O or a @ and then I couldn't get in to check my mail.

Well, a lady, lets call her TheAmazingHippoWoman or TAHW for short, came to the office yesterday to repair one of the computers that I had tried to fix first, but had no luck doing so. The computer had a mouse and in the middle of clicking something, the mouse stopped working entirely, followed by the keyboard. I tried restarting it, which made it dead completely, and then I tried to cut off the power supply to maybe jump start it (I take a very "car like" approach to computers). It didn't work. So I called TAHW and asked her to come over to fix it. She didn't come for an hour or so, and that whole time the computer just sat there fixing itself, because when she came finally, she turned it on and it worked. Amazing.. I know (I should also mention that they can remote access any computer in the Purdue network).

So she proudly proclaims that whoever turned off the power supply actually made the mouse quit working.
Now... after this statement it took me a full 2 minutes of staring before I finally realized she was serious and not making some awful joke.
So I said, very politely, "I think that might have harmed the computer after the fact, but I don't think it hurt the mouse, the mouse quit working long before anyone touched the power supply."
She turned to me with her death ray stare and said, "You are not the computer expert."
When I was silent, and my boss was silent, she decided to turn her attention back to the computer (and of course at that moment), decided to see my password taped to the monitor.

One long knarled finger came out from her folds of flesh and she, with her ghastly face, pointed in mock horror at my password taped breezily there for all to see. “What... Is... THAT!?” she proclaims, almost as if building her case against me with her words. I smile on the inside because I know she hates me for sure, and I say with the utmost seriousness, “That… is my password.”
And almost as if it was some sort of disease that would spread to millions only by reading it, she says, “Take it down! This instant!”

I do.
And she leaves.
And then I put it back up.
My boss thinks I'm playing with fire,
but then she never has asked me to take it down.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Apparently I have a lot to say today...

Conversation that started on The Hot Librarian's bl*g...

Somehow it was the "ant" portion of the story that made me feel more at bliss (sorry, "AN-fucking-TS") because I've been in a battle with them in my own home for 2 solid weeks now. It began in the FREEZER. Where they were apparently enamoured of a small frozen pool of popsicle juice, but their little ant bodies couldn't take the frozen tundra of my icebox and I would open my freezer to a pile of cryogenic ant corpses every time I went to get an ice cube.'d think word would have gotten back to the anthill that the big white box in the kitchen was claiming more lives than the blizzard of '32, but apparently not. Like Deadheads following Jerry, they just kept on comin...
Cinnamon | Email | Homepage | 08.03.05 - 1:07 am | #


Cinnamon - So you’re saying that the ants in your house were suicidal? That's got to be the best thing I've ever heard relating to bugs. What do you tell the exterminator? "Well, these ants are the suicidal kind, be careful with them, they are fragile right now... emotionally."

Please tell me you are writing something about this...
Anju | Email | Homepage | 08.03.05 - 8:27 am | #


They were possibly suicidal...hence the mass graves. However, the ants may have just been fans of extreme anting and my icebox was their Everest.

It was sort of like an ant Donner Party...except without the cannibalism. A few days later, I found ants in my fridge. They didn't fare much better in there. The cold made them sluggish and eventually they just keeled over in the egg cups. I found a dead fly in there, too. DEAD FLY. Did he fly in while the door was open, bedazzled by the tub of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" and get trapped when I slammed the door? Or did the ants BRING the fly in there. As an offering to the angry fridge gods who froze their brethren?
Cinnamon | Email | Homepage | 08.03.05 - 12:07 pm | #

Random everything.

Hold everything.

Today I got roses.
Big beautiful yellow ones with red tips.
They are absolutely gorgeous.

I got them from Katie.
Not my roommate.
My co-worker.
Because she said she appreciated all that I did for her.

I love my office.

Random Thoughts...

Today I flipped through my blog on some random month for some random reason.
Random enough for you?

I found this post, and I suddenly missed Leo and Coco a lot.

I hope Olivia, Leo, and Coco all get along. We have small Zoo started in our apartment hehe..


I have begun packing. I have purchased several boxes and have begun to fill them. One box is labeled, "Anna's Junk and Katie's Junk... wait.. how did I get Katie's junk?"

I wonder what Katie will say when she sees that box.


I cried today after reading this post, cried from laughing so hard.
My boss Kerry simply looks at me now, and then pretends I haven't gone mad. I have though... oh I've so gone mad.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My new apartment.. I'm so excited.

Today, I got a funny hit from Google.
Someone searched for "What is Anju?"
I couldn't tell you what Anju is, I didn't know it was an object of any sort.
I can tell you that Anju means, "One who lives in the heart" which is the reasoning behind the title of my blog.
I picked that name because most of my decisions in life have come from the heart and not from my brain.
Kind of like guys who think with their.. well.. maybe not quite like that.

I think sometimes I frustrated people (my mom for one) with my emotional decisions instead of using my head, but when it comes to my happiness my brain has never really had any say-so anyway.

So "What is Anju?" is a hard question to answer, and I don't think Google will help your search.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Google now has my house on the map so to speak.
My house can be found and viewed from a satellite right in your own home. Crazy huh? The story of my home is lost in its black and white view from space, so I decided today to preserve it's life by telling it's story.
You'll have to click on the picture to see it clearly:
My House

There it is... and now you know the rest of the story.