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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You make quite an impression on others right now. The reaction you get might strike you as unusual. Just go with the flow, understanding that not everyone is predictable. Others admire how you handle your responsibilities. Tonight: Just be yourself.

Just be yourself? How is that going to help me? This horoscope acts as if I have a life outside of work.

I don't, in case you didn't see the memo on your desk.

My typical night involves what I like to call, "me time." I realize with "me time" I become much more self-centered. Not a good quality to throw in with "Overly Opinionated" and "Bluntly Honest." I think this horoscope is trying to tell me to get a life. Isn't it nice, someone far, far away has put down that I make "impressions" on people, but doesn't specify what kind of "impressions." I guess my "Cynical" side tells me that those impressions aren't very good and people will react badly and then become unpredictable, while others stand back and admire how I tell the impressionable, unpredictable people to go fly a kite. Because you know, its my responsibility to do so.

Maybe my history teacher was right... I should have become a lawyer.. I can draw implications from anything.

Thank you for my venting time.


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