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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Willy Wonka is semi-sweet and nuts

Let's boogie.

So I was looking about what people were saying about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (or should I say, Charlie et la Chocolaterie, sounds like Godiva chocolate more than Easter Bunny candy) and I found a thread labeled, "Is Tim Burton in love with Johnny Depp?"

First Response: "Johnny has 41 movies and only 5 were with Burton.. (yadda yadda.)"
Second Response: "I think Johnny is in love with Burton... (oi vey.)"
Third Response: (quite funny but irrelevant)"In theory, numerous monkeys with keyboards can produce Shakespeare. IMDB members prove this false. "
Fourth Response: "I think many people in general are in love with Johnny Depp."

And the Fourth Response wins by a landslide (I can't wait for this movie... because.. you know... I love chocolate... right...)!


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