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Friday, July 29, 2005

What I wouldn't give for a man to club me over the head and drag me by my hair...

So in Indiana people are simple.
Simple cars like a Dodge fully-loaded diesel truck.
Simple houses like a trailer with a nice dog to bite the mailman.
Simple habits like spitting tobacco juice on the ground.

Add. More. Sarcasm.

To be honest, there are several very wonderful people in Indiana. I've met them. I know they exist. If it wasn't for them I would have found a school in California to go to.

But lets talk about the bad. They are much more entertaining.

Today I walked from my car to the parking garage stairs with two boxes that were very heavy. I got the door open somehow and managed to get myself and all the boxes into the stairwell without falling. It was amazing. So I start my descent only to get to the bottom and realize that someone was coming in the doorway I needed to go out of. I stepped to the side to let three very disgusting men pass. The aroma that past me was a mixture of stale cigarettes and body oder and the men that passed me looked like they were one step away from having just rolled on a dirt ground. People are hard working, I understand, I wouldn't have said all of this unless I had a reason to hate them. My reason happened two moments after the doorway opened. All three men looked at me as if I was naked and then made it very apparent that they liked the thought. They sniggered to each other, and eyes slide up and down me. After being mentally raped like that I was happy to get out of that doorway, but that didn't happen for me. No, you see, those three men, let the door fall shut. Yes. I have two heavy boxes, I've just been mentally raped and now the door is shut. So I had to set down the boxes, and open the door to get out of my trap in hell.
I can still hear the sniggers and murmurs as I quickly left the doorway.


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