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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Today I hit rock bottom and I ate the world’s worst piece of chocolate.
As I put it to my lips I could hear the makers of Godiva, Cadbury, and even Hershey (yes it was that bad) cry out in horror that I would stoop so low. I had to do it though… I was stressed… and any woman can dispute that when stress hits there are only a few things you can do to alleviate it. Eating chocolate is one… the rest of the options weren’t viable for the work place, or for me.

It’s funny I always pictured Godiva makers to be very gay and all perfectionists (because Godiva is perfection), I don’t know why I get this feeling whenever I pick up a piece of it, maybe it’s because it is perfect, or maybe it’s because of the two gay guys who ran around Barnes and Nobles shouting “Go Diva!!”… Maybe it’s both…

Cadbury I always pictured snobby perfection, not that happy perfection I mentioned before… yes… gay means HAPPY! Like finding perfection in chocolate by a bunch of cold, British gentlemen standing around with cigars and casually tasting the smallest morsel of chocolate and saying, “Oh yes, jolly good chocolate.”

Hershey I picture to be very… American… and since I have dug a hole big enough for my body to my shoulders I’d rather not comment anymore on chocolate because I’m pretty sure I could throw in something like, “right-winged, Christian chocolate” and then my head would be under ground… or is… already.
This discussion of chocolate will be prelude to the movie I will see this weekend.

I’m so excited to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


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