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Monday, July 25, 2005

A midday e-mail to Katie...


So my mom is a tight wad. My family has money my mother refuses to spend it. It’s a battle I’ve always fought with her. So when I mentioned the movers, my mom immediately said no... whatever, I’ll pay for it myself, I’d rather watch 100 dollars go down the drain than to have my dad and brother throw out their backs. I’m much different than my mom I guess.

So I dropped it, and I was going to tell you this weekend that I was going to just give you a check for 100 dollars (I also forgot to give you the 77 dollar check in my wallet and to cancel the phone line... sigh.. I’ll be sending you mail soon).

Anyway, I get an e-mail today that says this,


I'm making plans for moving you on the 13th of August (Saturday). "

MAKING PLANS TO MOVE ME, ON THE 13TH NO LESS? Sigh. I have completely explained the situation of everyone having to move out and back in on August 11th and that we can’t do it at any other time.

Secondly, the e-mail says,

"Also, I'm thinking of booking a room in the Hilton Garden Inn next to your new apartment. It's normally $201 per night, but I've been cruising the Internet for bargains and I've got it down to $99. I thought it would be nice to be able to relax and swim after a day of moving you."

99 DOLLARS?!?!?!?!?! You can only begin to guess how mad this made me. She’s ready for my dad to throw out his back, but then she’ll have the evening to swim in the indoor pool, so it’s all ok.

Sigh… I needed to vent. Thank you for listening.

To the best roommate in the world,


It's just another manic monday...


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