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Monday, July 04, 2005

Going to Katie's House

Let me first and foremost say that Chicago is definitely a party place (or maybe just Glen Ellyn? It's still not for sure).
I had an absolute blast when I came to staying the weekend at Katie's home.

Friday: The first night I got there, I was told that we were going to party, first at a house party and then go to the bars. Well the house party turned into one drink, then two drinks, and then I-lost-count drinks, something which I do NOT DO very often. In fact, the last time I did this was the end of my Sophomore year with Paul in his old apartment, that's how much I do something like that. Needless to say, drinking like that gets anyone in trouble and at some point I was standing in a room, covering my mouth, and waiting for Katie to save me. Which she did, and my "almost trouble" turned into nothing (why was I covering my mouth, you ask? Because I was very concerned that I would be kissed whether I wanted it or not, and at the time with the drinks I had, covering my mouth seemed like a fail-proof way to prevent that. Laugh if you must, I know I'm an idiot). Well, passing out for the whole house came and I found myself the next morning laying on a couch wondering what I happened.

Saturday: Saturday came in like a lion and out like a lamb. While the early morning hours provided me with some crazy times, the rest of Saturday was all about recovering from Friday. Katie and I came home, passed out again, re-awoke and then headed to a boat race which was absolutely hilarious. People were crazy trying to get their boat to be the fastest or the one what didn't sink to the bottom of Glen Ellyn Lake. Next, back to home, where we re-dressed, grabbed Katie K. and Amy, and then headed to Naperville's Ribfest. I'd have to say, this Ribfest was quite impressive, featuring Ribs from Australia to Indiana and a show featuring Kenny Wayne Shepard. Not bad for a celebration over ribs and pulled-pork. Then it was home again, where there was some Nintendo and movie watching. And then, that was a rap for Saturday.

Sunday:Sunday came in like a lamb and out like a lion. The morning we spent planning out our day and helping around the house, and then it was off to Taste of Chicago, which was a lot of fun (minus the outstanding crowds and baby carriages) and then the drinking started again. What is a beer among friends? When you are eating cheese fries and hamburgers, you most always need some alcoholic beverage, especially when you aren't paying with "real money" (they had a ticket system set up, so you buy the tickets and then pay for the food with the tickets) it seems a lot easier to buy food when it is just tickets you are paying with. After the Taste, we decided to cancel the fireworks display and then head back to Glen Ellyn for a shower and food. The train ride took awhile but we finally made it. Friends were called and suddenly at 11 in the night, the entire basement was full of people again. This time, for me, it wasn't so scary. I could relax a little more and I didn't drink as much this time around.

Monday: Monday started at 4 in the morning again. Well, that's when I got in my 4 hour nap in. Relaxing took its toll on me at this point and at 9 a.m. I found myself awake (I hate those biological alarm clocks that wake you up no matter how late you stayed up the night before) and ready to go again.
We (Katie and her family) went to the Fourth of July parade and then spent most of the day cooking and trying to stay awake (I failed only once at this game). Friends came over one last time, and I found myself really sad to go back to my lonely empty apartment. It seems that friends can be made overnight and I wasn't ready to leave such a cozy environment.

I guess Tuesday will go back to my usual routine of waking up early, going to work and class, coming home to pasta, and then calling it an early night. Is this what the "real world" entails? No wonder my mom says to "live it up now."


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