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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Warning: Nekkid Bottoms will appear as you scroll!*

*I didn't feel the need to blur them, because I don't know of any small children who come to my blog and I don't think anyone would be really offended by nekkid protesters.

Here is... well.. I'm not suppose to tell you anymore. I didn't realize that I couldn't... The thought never occurred to me. I was informed otherwise, but isn't a beautiful building?! :)(Someone is so going to google me and I'm going to be in such deep S***)I should learn something from The Hot Librarian.

Next is a list of clues (X marks the spot?):

The picture was taken from this building:

Which is the Smith Building, the most famous typewriter created was the Smith Typewriter.

The people in the building DEFINITELY DO NOT dress like this:

This seems to be something they only do in Canada....

And last but not least, it is absolutely NO WHERE NEAR this landmark:

Happy guessing!


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