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Monday, May 23, 2005


This post is solely to talk to those people who are on my sidebar.

To Saffron: The title of your blog is Mouthing the words and in flicker you have a very cute picture of yourself where the focal point of the picture is a very Amelie-like smile. So I cropped the picture to the smile and used it as your icon. You let me know if you like or dislike it, or if you have another picture you would like better. It's your site, so I'll be happy to put up whatever you'd like. :)

To Kris: The title of your blog is "I have heard the mermaids singing..." and you have a picture of yourself where the side of your face (or ear)is the focal point. I cropped the picture and I have it ready to go online, but I never seem to be around a computer that will allow me on a FTP server. If you think you'd want something different, or want it to stay the same let me know. Or you can wait until I put it up and decide then, either way. :) I just want happiness.

To Akshay: I know you have updated your site and I changed the link, but I was kind of waiting to see how your new site would turn out before I posted a new picture, but you too, if you have a picture you'd like me to put up, send it to me. :)

To everyone but Nishant: If you guys have a certain picture you'd like in the side, let me know. Happiness is the key here.

To Nishant: You have no say so. ;) (you should be already happy. ;))


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