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Sunday, May 15, 2005

My job was upgraded to a newer job, one which at first I was nervous and now realize the benefits of it. So you know, this job I do now classifies me as an “Independent thinker” which basically means I get a 75 cent raise. Here we go…

Typical Day: Starts at 11:30 maybe earlier depending on how long I want my lunch, in all honesty if I came in at 9 I could leave at 11:30 and take a 2 hour lunch break, kind of nice if I need errands run.

1. First thing, I read blogs. Yes… I cannot write on my own blog, for fear of that crossing someone’s border of my job description, but LOOKING at other’s blogs is perfectly ok, in fact, some of my co-workers now look at the blogs I look at.
2. Second thing, After I catch up on my daily blogs I open a big spreadsheet that is so long it requires it’s own Macros… (I love macros)…and has a cell all they way out in FX 1099… (no joke)... and then I grab all the people who have new order forms and get to work inserting them into the nice new spreadsheet.
3. After about the 5th person who’s order goes into the excel spreadsheet I start to realize that old people have a lot of money and are willing to blow off 1,000 dollars on theatre tickets and 1,000 dollars on donations so they can get better seats than the person before them (for every 50 dollars you give, you get a point above the average person!)
4. Next, I wrap up all the orders and save the excel spreadsheet. Then do comparative analysis on all the data from this year and last year and this week and last week and money in and money out… and all that jazz.
5. I find interesting things about the above data and tell all my co-workers, which in turn they tell me interesting things about their data and then when everyone’s interest is aroused we then, go to lunch.
6. After getting back from lunch, where at least one person has made fun of my low drinking tolerance, (AKA T.B.A. Two Beer Anju) we come back to the office and talk about the new movies or movies we’ve seen or interesting stuff on the news… or what’s in the paper… or whatever.
7. Then someone makes an initiative to do some work so we all go back to our respective places.
8. My work at this point usually consists of designing e-mails that advertise our shows, or correcting HTML on webpages, or doing up a page for the website, or just sitting around and answering phones and looking at everyone’s blogs again to see if things have changed.
9. Then as the day drawls nearer and nearer to an end, more and more people come out of their offices and start talking again… Usually this is when everyone “Really” quits… although it’s not official until 5 o’clock.
10. Then we all go home.
11. Next day, repeat.


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