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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mother's day is soon. I know a couple of people reading this will suddenly go, "Crap! I didn't know that!"
I have gone back and forth on what to get my mom for mother's day. I really love my mom and it seems that in the past two years I got my life back on track, and we became closer. Before that, we had a mother/daughter relationship, but it was rocky because of my behavior and problems. So I want to get a good gift this year.
My brother was trying to do the same. Thinking and thinking.

Today I saw a commerical for the complete third season of the Gilmore Girls. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I called my brother and he's going in with me on it, and I called my dad to have him play defense if the occasion arises and she wants to go buy it.
Ahhhh... this is another "worry" going out the door.
So far, 3 worries down, 1 to go.


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