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Sunday, May 01, 2005

I called the cops

Last night I reached a peak of madness and called the cops.

I called the cops on my upstairs neighbors.

I was tolerant when the dropped a bunch of things on our balcony and had us throw them back to them. I was tolerant when they had loud parties for a straight week until 3a.m. I was slightly upset but tolerant when they spilled their keg all over our balcony and grill that night. I was slightly upset when they decided their subwoofer should be turned on so we couldn't hear our TV.
But my peak of madness turned out to be the beer bottles being thrown off of their balcony onto ours and the ground below us.

That's just wrong. Both my dog and my car suffer from that action.

So I called the cops. A very nice cop came by, and the moment he did, it was like a graveyard of silence above us.
The cop went up anyway, told them to be quiet and made them pick up all the beer bottles on the ground below us.
I love West Lafayette cops, and I never thought I'd say that.


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