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Monday, May 30, 2005

Guess the Google

I have recently become addicted to a game called, Guess the Google.

I thought I'd put the link up so everyone else can get addicted to it too.

My plane tickets have been booked for Seattle.
One week from June 4th to the 11th, I will be staying there and seeing the city I will probably live in the rest of my life. So on one hand, I'm leaping for joy that I am going to finally go to this city that I've heard so much about(the two hour lay over in Las Vegas was a nice touch too).

On the other hand, Nishant and I are going through moments of extreme depression when little things like, taking down the white board that says "Nishanna" on it, becomes another realization that we will soon be parted from each other for a long time.

I've never been more stable and happy in any relationship so I'm not worried we will part permanently but I didn't realize how much I'd miss waking up to him every morning (another thing we came to a realization on recently). I think it's just another bump in my long and winding road, but it seems that enough bumps are enough, I'm almost to the point of screaming insanely at every bump instead of doing my usual "let's find away around it" act.

Sorry I don't mean to complain so much.


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