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Friday, April 29, 2005

So long, farewell

Things are coming to an end.
Last night was the last night I spent doing homework for this semester's classes.
Katie popped her head in once or twice to talk about something, and the dog came and rested his head on my lap once to make sure that I still loved him. I thought to myself, I'm going to really miss this.
Then Katie pops in once last time to say, "Do you still want to see Johnny?" (she obviously means the one and ONLY Johnny) and I say, "I'll be done in two seconds!" (very excited that Katie is baking things with chocolate in them and telling me Johnny will be on the tv in moments).
I realize that I will miss this a lot.
She'll be in Chicago all summer, Nishant will leave come June, and I will be alone.
This is a very sad thought...
I know that in two months she'll be back, we'll be moving to a nicer apartment, and making plans to see Zach and Nishant in Seattle.
This is a very happy thought...
I think every down, has it's ups eventually.
Thank you for everyone who wrote a comment or thought about writing a comment in my last post. I really appreciated it.

Summer is coming.. who can be depressed when it is summer?


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