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Friday, April 01, 2005

My love of Just Biryani.

Let me tell you about a wonderful place I have found.
It is called, "Just Biryani" and it is just that.
For those of you who have never tried this wonderful magical dish, please, honor this post and go out and eat Biryani at the first restaurant you can find it at.

Briyani is wonderful, if you are American and reading this, I promise this is nothing like processed meat, if you are Indian and reading this, then you’ll probably agree with me, and if you are of any other country and reading this, then you are probably open minded to the possibility of this being a magnificent dish.

I have eaten Briyani 3 times this week.
The dog (CoCo) goes crazy with his nose whenever I walk in the apartment with it. He sits quietly beside me, nose going wild, and drooling on the carpet. He knows that I can never eat the entire thing (it’s a huge portion) and that as soon as I’m done, he’ll be able to lick the plate.
Our dog likes it, proving to me once again what an awesome dog he is.
Last night he had a double wham of crazy spices and flavors. He first drooled a puddle in the carpeting over my Biryani, and then my roommate couldn’t stand not having Indian food, and ordered "Chicken Makhani" so she could enjoy Naan along with her Indian food (two different Indian restaurants, Just Briyani doesn’t have Naan because it is Just Briyani).
Well the dog pooped orange today.


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