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Friday, April 22, 2005

Jesus Freaks.

So, I was working in my office today when I get a call.

Me: "Purdue Convocations! (bright and cheery)"
Guy: "Hello, I'm trying to find out whether or not you have a large concerts?"
Me: "Yes we do (still cheery)"
Guy: "Do you have hip hop concerts?"
Me: "We do sometimes, but they don't sell as well as some other concerts (voice fading from cheeriness because of lack of point to conversation)"
Guy: "What are you, a Christian School?"
Me: "No, we lean towards a more conservative campus (voice completely hard and professional)"
Guy: "Oh, so I.E. religious freaks."
Me: (thinking... "How nice of you to judge me! *complete fake cheeriness*)
Guy: "So do you have a hip-hop population?"
Me: "I guess not (in a voice that would make the dog sit down and Nishant to ask what he did wrong)"
Guy: (nervous laugh because he must have a girlfriend that uses that voice on him too)
Guy: "(after a nervous pause in which he hoped I would say something) Uh.. Is there anyone I could talk to about maybe bringing a hip-hop show?"
Me: (slight smile because of his complete nervous voice in asking that question) "Of course! Let me send you to Laura! (cheeriness back!)"

The funny thing is, he was probably talking to one of the most liberal girls on campus... Just today Katie and I were talking about making t-shirts that say, "Abortion: The right choice."
And he had the gull to call me (I know this wasn't directly, but I'm female so let me say it was meant for me) a religious freak... how about... Agnostic freak?


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