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Thursday, April 14, 2005

It all started when I woke up this morning with an inane feeling of going to my class. I tried fighting this feeling by hitting the snooze button, but to no avail, and I finally got up. After dragging (somewhat literally) Nishant out of bed and standing him upright, I got ready and he drove me to class.

After class, I was feeling good that I had actually made it on time to class with so little sleep the night before.
As I walk out of class, I see a professor that I had been in continuing correspondence to until one day I just didn’t reply to an e-mail he sent. Someone who I didn't want to say hi too, so I quickly dart down a different hallway pretending to need an Exponent.
As I’m walking down the hallway, I think, "I should take this short cut around the corner."

As I turn the corner I am left face to face with none other than Becca, my ex-best friend and person who can find your buttons (and push them) faster than a tailor.
In my head many explicatives went off all at once, and I darted to the nearest exit to me.
At this point I feel a little shaken.

The exit I chose leads out to the road, so I start to walk along the road, only to be past (in a car) by one of Nishant’s ex-girlfriends who doesn’t like me all that much.
As paranoia sets in, three things happen:
A.) I start to remember every person in the past 3 years that I don’t like anymore.
B.) I start to think of ways that those people could possibly attack me on my way home.
C.) I realize I’m standing froze to the spot so those people could catch up and attack me easier.

I start walking, head looking down, and feet moving fast.
I make it to the edge of campus.
Thank god.

Some guy who is dressed in so many fraternity letters that I can only assume he has those letters tattooed on his ass, walks by me and says, "Hey there!" in one of those voices that you use only for people you are close too.
I momentarily pause, knowing there is NO way I know this guy. I say, "Hi" and start walking past him, when he goes, “I really miss talking to you.”

I REALLY do not know this guy.
I stop at this point, because for some reason, I thought I could be wrong and have really bad memory. That's when I realize that on this campus somewhere there is a girl who looks like me and when guys are drunk, we could be twins.

So this guy is just standing there looking at me.
Not knowing what to do, I just turn and start walking away from him.
I could feel him looking at me as I walk away, and because I’m only human, I turned around to see if it was true.
Sure enough, he’s still standing in the same spot I left him and when I turned, he waved at me.

I don’t look up again the rest of the way home.

It has been an odd sort of day.


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