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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Gonads and Strife

Tomorrow night I will be here.
Yes. At the Neon Cactus.
Neon Cactus = One huge open room, with one huge dance floor, and little stools and bars all the way around it. Thursday night, there is a guy who plays the piano (really badly) and everyone gets drunk and sings with him in this tiny room off to the side of the huge middle room. Think… Coyote Ugly meets the biggest bar you’ve ever seen.
The reason why I say Coyote Ugly is because in the center of that huge dance floor is half naked girls dancing with boys and for the most part doing everything but the actual act of having sex. I’m talking, nothing left up to the imagination.
Its funny, you can always pick out the ones that met on the dance floor and the ones who knew each other before they got there.
It’s actually a very good time, as long as you are with a group of people and drunk when you get there. I can’t wait. I do this once in a blue moon.

Funny story: I work at Purdue Convocations, and the entire cast from Fiddler on the Roof wanted to go drink after their performance. They heard Neon Cactus and were like “HELL YEAH!” And they all wanted to troop over there.
Can you imagine Tevye and cast running around the Neon Cactus? I think the director convinced them not too, but I always thought it would be funny to see some Russian dancing up on the floor.
I so rarely do this, that this in fact is my second time ever going to a bar. I like to relax and drink but usually in a controlled atmosphere, but these people I’m going with, I trust completely, so it seems controlled anyway for me.
The last time we went to the Neon Cactus was sometime in the beginning of January. This picture was taken before Nishant, Zach, Jeff, Katie, and I went to the Cactus. Can you imagine? Katie took a picture of Nishant and I and it turned out like this. You should have seen her on the way to Taco Bell later that night.
Oh man.

Update: I got really trashed. I spent the last few hours of my night stuffing down Arby's fries while Nishant kept saying, "If you eat that any faster, You are going to get sick."
He was almost right, I didn't ACTUALLY get sick, but it came close.


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