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Monday, March 07, 2005

Well well...

Call me dumb but I never knew what a trackback was. I've been blogging here since July 2004 when my other blog was bombarded by ex boyfriends and creepy stalkers.
I was at Xanga before, and they didn't have trackbacks I guess.
Today I'm going to trackback to Mouthing the words.
While reading this post, I kept saying to myself, "Oh my, this is exactly how I felt last night listening to silly girls in the lab," they would spout off about things like, "Oh my god! We should totally use this as one of our stock options!" I know, this sentence shouldn't be in existence, that was my thought too. I thought they were picking out wedding dresses rather than completing a project for a class they were all in (all = 6 girls all blond).
At first I thought I was getting old, until these girls (probably the exact same age as me) started talking about their weekend and how FABULOUS it was to get trashed drunk. Then I realized that I just had my priorties straight, and their's were gay.
I completed my project 3 days in advance, and they... were trying to finish up theirs Sunday night before it was due Monday.
I can name their names too, isn't it amazing how loud they were?
I feel like I know them all now. I might say hi to one of them if I ever see them again.


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