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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wally world

The number one store in Indiana?
Macy's? No.. Nordstrom? no... Express?! No!
So if you have ever seen small town life on a movie, it's wrong.
Signs = small town where there are little shops that don't have much, but are very specialized What have we learned? M. Night Shyamalan, close but no cigar

Fried Green Tomatos = Showed small town life as... everyone sits on the front porch and does nothing (could be true during this time, I wasn't alive, but couldn't find a better example) What have we learned? Very few people do nothing in a small town, I mean... How are you going to get gossip on your brother's-ex-wife's-cousin if you are sitting around?

Deliverance (I know this is just wrong completely) = small town hicks that like to sodomize outsider men What have we learned? WTF?

So what can we say about these movies?
WRONG! (especially Deliverance)

What is small town life?
Wal-mart. I mean, where else can you shop for hunting supplies, get your pictures developed, catch up on gossip, and listen to blue grass music in the veggie section?!

I mean, South Park has it right! (who thought i'd ever say that?)
If a Wal-mart comes into town, that's it. That is where any entertainment and pay checks go.

So today, I had to go to wal-mart.
I HAD TOO!! *whine*
I needed Asparagus.
Sigh... the dinner I made was wonderful, but while in Wal-Mart I was stared down in the alcohol aisle (I once got a lecture that 21 year olds shouldn't be buying alcohol, in Wal-mart by a complete stranger), I had to walk behind two old ladies that were taking up the whole aisle gossiping, and I had to talk to three people from my childhood who knew my parents and had children my age that I should hang out with.
I made it out alive.

I love Wal-mart, the place give me such venting opportunites.


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