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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

This weekend has sucked, and this week has started sucking.
Let me count the ways...

I found out my Aunt Shirley died of a massive heart attack this weekend. *no words to describe it*
My mom called me with the news, after I went to see Fiddler on the roof *performance sucked*
I was at a really good chinese restaurant when the call happened and didn't even finish my meal *sucks*
I had TWO midterms on Monday, back to back, blue book style. *double sucks*
All this week Nishant is stuck in a lab *suck suck suck*
Nishant has started to get behind on work because I keep having break downs from headaches and stress *sucky*
I have another Midterm on Thursday at night *night sucks*

Update: Things that don't suck: My little brother, who brought me chocolate today at work because i wrote a blog post that said my life sucked.


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