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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Spring Break

My first day of spring break went well.
I did nothing! ABSOLUTELY nothing and it was glorious!
Well I guess Sunday isn't technically the first day of spring break.
SO the second day of spring break was glorious.

The first day of spring break wasn't bad... Just kind of sad.
Nishant and I got up early, ate breakfast together, picked up Laura and drove to Indy. The drive was nice, Nishant at 90 and we got to talk all the way there.
We dropped off Laura at the airport, said goodbye, asked her what time to pick her up, and then Nishant and I drove to the Children's Museum in Indy.
That was fantastic, they have the best dinosaurs there. We kind of waded around screaming and running children to get to look at them, but it was nice we could see over anyone standing in front of us. :)
Some of them were so cute,(children, not dinosaurs) we'd see one tear off in front of us, and then a moment later you'd see a mother running after it. Normally Nishant and I would just point in the direction of the running child and the mother would shoot us a grateful look before tearing off after it. Very entertaining, and a very positive I-don't-need-a-baby-anytime-soon campaign. I'm still looking forward to a year from now when Nishant and I can take a vacation together. I guess there is a small vacation in the plans with Siggraph and L.A. but somehow with him working during it, it doesn't seem as nice as a REAL vacation. I want to go to India.
So after the children's museum, we ate lunch at Fazoli's and then the depressing part came, seeing Nishant leave to go to the airport. :(
A whole week without him.
It's going to be nice to relax, but just not as nice to relax if he was here.


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