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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Speedy Gonzales

Today, I dropped Nishant off at class and then I had to give the car to my brother. So I am driving along and realize I’m in the wrong lane, but there is a stoplight that just turned yellow. So I slow down and stop. I think to myself, I’ll just speed up really fast at the green light and zip around this car so I don’t miss my turn. So the light turns green, I speed up, the car next to me speeds. As I near 45 (it is a 35 mph zone) I suddenly realize the car isn’t going to let me pass. So I slow way down to get behind it.

I think at this point, everyone has done this part. You think, I’ll just cut around the car, and then when the car doesn’t let you, you slow down and get behind them. Either way, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re in the right lane.

The next part is what doesn’t normally happen. I’ll admit, speeding up to turn in front of someone isn’t usually the most courteous and respectful, but I also know when it happens to me, that I’ve done it too.

I slow down to 35 and get behind the convertible Pontiac Sunbird only to have to immediately slam on my brakes because it has slowed down to 25 mph.

At this point, many unpleasant thoughts burst through my head, and I do the only thing you can in this kind of a situation, I give the Sunbird the finger.

I knew that the guy was watching me in his rearview window. So he saw my finger, and then the next thing he did was something I wasn’t expecting. He started pointing to his head furiously. Confused on what language he was speaking, I lifted up my hand in sort of a “what-in-hell-are-you-trying-to-say” gesture. Then he starts pointing ahead at a cop sitting in a parking lot.

I start to notice that as we are going along at 25 mph, the rest of the cars are passing us in the left lane still going at 40 mph.

Continuously, this guy points to his head and then to the cop car. If he had done this once, this blog post might not exist, but he didn’t just do it once, it seems he REALLY wanted to make a point, so he continued to do it for at least a good minute.

At this point, I start to laugh out loud and I’m not alone. Every car that passes us starts pointing at the guy and laughing (I’m sure the cop even saw him). A SUV of fraternity guys pass us and two of them lean out their windows, grab the Sunbird guy’s attention, and give them a very sarcastic thumbs up, and then all start laughing.

Frustrated between, me laughing at him, and the fraternity guys that are laughing at him, he gives me the finger.

I just shake my head, still laughing.

He suddenly ZOOMS up (we had just passed the cop car), and cuts off the SUV completely. The SUV swerved momentarily, and then four heads pop out of the windows and start screaming and shaking their fists at the Sunbird.

I exit off that highway, but my exit runs parallel to the road for a few moments, and I watch the guy in the Sunbird brake six or seven times in front of the SUV.

I'm still laughing.


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