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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

So, we have a possum that is unusually large. Why? Because he eats all of our cat's food. Yes.. It's so lovely late at night to look out on the porch only to see (not your cats... no...) a huge, ugly, scary, hungry possum sitting there munching on cat food.
That is the wonderful world of living in the country. The number one creature I hate (no.. LOATHE!)is a raccoon. One too many bad experiences in my job at the state park. I have never pulled my mace out more than for raccoons, I feel mentally raped by them. *shudder* They may look cute, but they have no problems grabbing onto your leg and using it as a ladder to get to the food in your hands. *shudder*
Anyway, a close second to the raccoon is the possum.
Possums have never mentally or physically abused me, so thats why they come second. In looks and attitude and movement, they would definitely come first to a slimy creepy feeling that I get when I see them.

Story: So my dog barks (inside the house which he never does) at around one in the morning. I quickly run to the door to see what the commotion is about (not considering it could be a burglar) when i see my dog looking out at .... nothing. There was nothing out there. So I open the door to look outside to get a better look (still nothing) and my dog takes that opportunity to push past me and tear off into the night. A half an hour later, after the dog not reappearing I decide to get a flash light and start calling it. 15 minutes after that, I give up, he's no where near the house (imagine our house as the house from the movie "Signs" because many people have commented that it looks like it and it sits in the middle of nothing). So as I'm walking back inside I suddenly hear a huge crash in the garage. The dog had cornered the possum IN our garage.
So I listen, there is a lot of crashing and hissing and growling.
Then there is silence, and the dog comes out proudly with the possum playing dead in his mouth. He shook it a few times, trying to snap its neck, but the damn thing was so huge that it barely moved.
Amazing, the dog tried killing it a few times more, and then finally came back inside. The possum was gone in the morning.
Sigh... exciting stuff in the small town... sigh...


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