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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Rule Number One: Do not run with scissors.

In our apartment...
Everyone is confused.
Katie and I have term papers due within days of each other.
Our rooms and apartment look like a tornado went through them.
The dog eats the cat food, and the cat eats the dog food.
Tonight I spent 1 hour hammering on objects.
And last night I had a lovely conversation with my brother that went something like this:

11:30 pm. Phone rings.
Neil: Anna, I need to know where you went to the hospital when you cut off the top of your finger.
Anna: Uh... Over by Wal-mart, but it's only open till 8.
Neil: Damn... Do you know of any other place?
Anna: Yes, over on 26 before Steak and Shake.
Neil: Oh! I know where you are! Thanks!
Anna: Neil... Why do you need this information?
Neil: Oh.. I don't work well with scissors.
Anna: Are you bleeding from any place on your body?
Neil: Yes.
Anna: How badly?
Neil: Well... I'd say I won't pass out from loss of blood, but pretty bad.

Neil got three stitches from scissors.


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