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Monday, March 07, 2005

Robots = less postal workers

Purdue News
A couple of nights ago Nishant and I watched I, Robot, it was a good entertaining movie. I liked it not for it’s story line, but for it’s forward thinking. Isaac Asimov was a fantastic thinker in my opinion. And I was thinking about it, I didn’t really appreciate his writings until I met Nishant, since then, I’ve been exposed to Computer Science than I ever was before. Some of the functions Nishant writes are so powerful you start to think that I, Robot isn’t that much of an imaginary storyline. For instance, Nishant has a class that is called Operating Systems (probably if you are viewing this, then you are using Windows Operating Systems), and in this class he was explaining one of his functions to me. This function in particular was sorting all the files under ls (um… ls is … list?) so this one function would sort anything thrown at it. It could be ls ext/*r/*s*, or ls ext/r* or whatever you name it (* means any number of letters, so if it is R * that means that it looks for any file with an R then any letters afterwards). So you think, if you programmed a robot to sort any number of mailing packages beginning with a R, then it would take R* and then all the last names beginning with R would be sorted. How easy would that be? We could get rid of half those horribly disgusting mail carriers who choose to smash books into tight little boxes so when you take them out you have to rip half the pages.
So I’m all for Asimo getting rid of those postal workers.


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