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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Instanbul (Not Constantinople)

The Mufasa (the possum) is not dead, he only pretends to be.
It struck again tonight.
This time we were sitting at the dinner table, and my mom looks outside, jumps with an "OH!" attached to it.
The dog, instead of barking, is just intently looking at it.
And Mufasa... well... Mufasa is having his dinner on our porch of the cat's food.
I grab the camera, shoot a video of Mufasa (which will be up and running when I have "SOME" bandwidth to deal with (I'm connected now at 38KB per second).
Yes, I get a nice shot of Mufasa chewing on cat food.
We decide to have the dog chase after Mufasa, so we open the door, and Mufasa takes off (learned its lesson) and the dog runs out, turns around and runs back in.
I mean, why would you want to chase after live food when cooked and prepared food is being served (on a fork, no less) to you by hand?

My dog is not a dumb dog.

Is it scary that the possum is named?

Update: I just heard the bowl clunk. I knew it was Mufasa. So I turn on the light and open the door at the same time, thinking that this would scary the crap out of him. Instead, he just looked up at me, chewing with his mouth open, and I made a little noise and slammed the door. Visions of raccoons running up my leg flooded me and I felt cold. Thankfully, my door slamming woke my mother up and scared the crap out of Mufasa. To bad it scared the crap out of me.
No more being brave like that.


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