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Friday, March 25, 2005

I have admired The Hot Librarian for her MS Paint pictures, depicting horrible people or situations she has been in.
Well, today I made a Adobe Photoshop picture to depict what I thought of a former classmate of mine and a current classmate of my roommate Katie.

This classmate, has put a rather horrible picture of himself online. He was annoying to begin with, always approaching random people saying "Hey! CG BUDDIES!" and following me around a building once. But I never thought him a bad guy, just maybe lonely. But this picture of him... it just shows he's an idiot.
If you noticed the arms crossed, those would be his. If you see how the cat is looking, that would be how he is looking. If you see what the catman is thinking, that would be what he thought about.
The cat is the smartest and most good-looking thing in that picture.
Although... the blow-up Paris Hilton doll took a close second with that Microsoft label on her ass.
I think I need another class, because I have too much time on my hands.


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