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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Every once in awhile I’ll stubble across a blog that I find really interesting. The three main ones that I’ve found while doing this, are featured on the left hand side of the screen. Well, after going to Trivial Matters, I was viewing his comments and I noticed an interesting comment by one person, so I clicked on their homepage. He has a really good blog you can find it here.
Well anyway, if you click on the link, you’ll find some pictures of little figures that are doing odd things. It is quite funny.
Back to the story, Nishant (being a computer programmer and working odd hours) decided he wanted Taco Bell at 10:30 this evening. I went to pick him up from lab and then we drove over there. While standing waiting for food, I looked over and noticed a machine full of toys that looked like these figures in the pictures. Curious I got a couple of quarters from Nishant and got one.
I’d like you to meet Bob.
Bob is an intelligent musician who prides himself in every day work, but doesn’t want calluses on his hands, so he wears gloves often. He plays for the Indianapolis symphony orchestra by day and by night he is a bouncer at a local bar.

I’d like you to meet Bob.
Bob is a hard worker, he worked everyone on the north side and is now making his way to the south side. Don’t cross his path, because if you do, your ass is his. He roughs up anything he sees including his mother and wife. By the way Bob, what is in that case?

I’d like you to meet Bob.
Bob abso-fucking-lutely loves black! He prides himself in being toned because (My God!) every man should be! He loves grooming himself calling it an art form rather than a necessity. By evening he plays his violin because Duh! that’s how he gets laid!

Eh, you pick one, I can’t decide who Bob is, he is a very mysterious person!


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