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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Long week

This week has been a long week.
I was sick through out the whole week.
The only really good thing that has come out of this week, is the apparent sickness of everyone else causing a mass class cancellation for next week, for fear of the sickness spreading into families and killing them!
Or just mass cancellation of classes next week.
Fine, be boring.

My schedule for this week:

My schedule for next week:

My schedule for next week plus due dates:

You can see that there is not much going on. The following week is horrible, so this would be my week to work ahead... or catch up on sleep. Either or.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A pair of new shoes with matchin' laces!

I read the Indianapolis Star today during lunch. So interesting, it really got my opinion side going, between the story about Gandhi and the story about black memorabilia, I have all sorts of things to say about that.

I’m trying to hold back.
The second story really reminds me of a conversation I had with Nishant one time…

Anna: If you are coming to my house you better not stop at all in Martinsville (Mooresville).
Nishant: (worriedly) Why?
Anna: Well, that is where the KKK originated.
Nishant: Anna! I don’t want to come to your house
Anna: (has to take another 15 minutes to calm Nishant down and convince him to come to her house again)

And that reminds me of another thing…
I was watching "The Family Guy" the other night and Peter the main character says, "Thank you Jesus!"
The scene pans up to Heaven where Krishna and Jesus are standing next to each other, and Jesus says, "Actually you have the wrong..."
Krishna interrupts with, "Don’t worry, I’m use to it."

I laughed so hard.

Speedy Gonzales

Today, I dropped Nishant off at class and then I had to give the car to my brother. So I am driving along and realize I’m in the wrong lane, but there is a stoplight that just turned yellow. So I slow down and stop. I think to myself, I’ll just speed up really fast at the green light and zip around this car so I don’t miss my turn. So the light turns green, I speed up, the car next to me speeds. As I near 45 (it is a 35 mph zone) I suddenly realize the car isn’t going to let me pass. So I slow way down to get behind it.

I think at this point, everyone has done this part. You think, I’ll just cut around the car, and then when the car doesn’t let you, you slow down and get behind them. Either way, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re in the right lane.

The next part is what doesn’t normally happen. I’ll admit, speeding up to turn in front of someone isn’t usually the most courteous and respectful, but I also know when it happens to me, that I’ve done it too.

I slow down to 35 and get behind the convertible Pontiac Sunbird only to have to immediately slam on my brakes because it has slowed down to 25 mph.

At this point, many unpleasant thoughts burst through my head, and I do the only thing you can in this kind of a situation, I give the Sunbird the finger.

I knew that the guy was watching me in his rearview window. So he saw my finger, and then the next thing he did was something I wasn’t expecting. He started pointing to his head furiously. Confused on what language he was speaking, I lifted up my hand in sort of a “what-in-hell-are-you-trying-to-say” gesture. Then he starts pointing ahead at a cop sitting in a parking lot.

I start to notice that as we are going along at 25 mph, the rest of the cars are passing us in the left lane still going at 40 mph.

Continuously, this guy points to his head and then to the cop car. If he had done this once, this blog post might not exist, but he didn’t just do it once, it seems he REALLY wanted to make a point, so he continued to do it for at least a good minute.

At this point, I start to laugh out loud and I’m not alone. Every car that passes us starts pointing at the guy and laughing (I’m sure the cop even saw him). A SUV of fraternity guys pass us and two of them lean out their windows, grab the Sunbird guy’s attention, and give them a very sarcastic thumbs up, and then all start laughing.

Frustrated between, me laughing at him, and the fraternity guys that are laughing at him, he gives me the finger.

I just shake my head, still laughing.

He suddenly ZOOMS up (we had just passed the cop car), and cuts off the SUV completely. The SUV swerved momentarily, and then four heads pop out of the windows and start screaming and shaking their fists at the Sunbird.

I exit off that highway, but my exit runs parallel to the road for a few moments, and I watch the guy in the Sunbird brake six or seven times in front of the SUV.

I'm still laughing.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

No joke.
Last night I took Nishant to the hospital to get sitches.
Horrible night.
I wish it had never happened.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Were you Whittington's friend? The Pied Piper's assistant?

Do you know what the number one thing that people assume I am when they meet me?
A Stuck up snob/bimbo with no brain.
It took Nishant three dates with me before he realized the complete opposite.

I work at Purdue Convocations. We are the people that bring the shows to Elliot Hall (among other halls). We bring musicals such as Fiddler on the Roof, Cats, Miss Saigon.. etc, we bring in rock concerts such as Dave Matthews, Guster, O.A.R., etc. and other odds and ends like Ravi Shankar and Larry the Cable Guy. We are a place of business. My paycheck is made possible by these lovely shows.
So today, I was working in the office when I heard the door open and close. No one came to my front desk.

There is a little nook right after the door that you can see outside, it fits about 5 or 6 people uncomfortably, and it leaks often when it rains.
I assumed whoever it was, was drying off there before coming all the way inside.
No one came.
Then suddenly a cell phone went off and someone started talking in a loud voice. Then another two people (none which I could see) started carrying on a conversation. Apparently there were 3 or more people just waiting in the nook, blocking customers, and talking amongst themselves and on their cell phones.

Our office gets confused a lot with one of the Purdue Engineering buildings because we are actually attached to each other (go figure, theater and engineering under one roof). So it is a common occurrence for a student to walk all the way in and then be confused on where they are (especially freshman). I thought maybe these people didn't know. So I walked around the corner, and smiled and said, "I didn't know if you knew or not, but this part of ENAD is a place of business."
One of the guys said, "I didn't know, GEEZ, Fine we will move!"

I just kind of stood there appalled as I watched them go. I think I even had my mouth slightly open.

Was it "place of business" that made them think I was a bitch?
Was it "I didn't know if you knew" that made them think I was a bitch?

How can I be read so wrong?

This reminds me of when I worked at Barnes and Noble. I had a guy in front of me buying a book. He asked me if I was a student at Purdue. He asked me if I grew up around here. He asked if I had read some of the books he was buying. And then trying to be polite I tried to think of a question to ask him.

This guy was my height, skin tone that was the same as Nishant's, heavy Indian accent, and a comb over that was slicked down with coconut oil (I could smell it). So my question was, "Are you originally from India?"
The question that was heard around the world.
I have never had my head torn off the way that man did it.
I have never been so insulted by a complete stranger, until that man came along.
I have never cried so much over one person being mean to me, until that man.
When Nishant picked me up that evening, I was still so upset that I got into the car and just burst into tears again.

I realize now that Americans tend to judge and put down first and ask questions second.
I realize now that Americans are self centered and so absorbed with their own self worth that they put down anything that isn't close to their likeness.
I realize now, how that man could have taken my question as an insult.
I was judgmental, I did assume, I actually assumed things off of what my Indian boyfriend told me about his culture.
What I cannot realize is how that man took it that far.
How could I be judged so wrongly?

I think what I did was no different from the Italian man who took one look at my white tennis shoes and said, "You must be American."
I smiled and said, "Oh, was it the shoes? or was it the camera bag?"

I have admired The Hot Librarian for her MS Paint pictures, depicting horrible people or situations she has been in.
Well, today I made a Adobe Photoshop picture to depict what I thought of a former classmate of mine and a current classmate of my roommate Katie.

This classmate, has put a rather horrible picture of himself online. He was annoying to begin with, always approaching random people saying "Hey! CG BUDDIES!" and following me around a building once. But I never thought him a bad guy, just maybe lonely. But this picture of him... it just shows he's an idiot.
If you noticed the arms crossed, those would be his. If you see how the cat is looking, that would be how he is looking. If you see what the catman is thinking, that would be what he thought about.
The cat is the smartest and most good-looking thing in that picture.
Although... the blow-up Paris Hilton doll took a close second with that Microsoft label on her ass.
I think I need another class, because I have too much time on my hands.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Leo the cat who can.

Our cat.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A little bit of you makes me your man

Today I was standing in line at Starbucks behind one of the most annoying girls of all time. She had a complete Valley Girl voice and tanned to the point of leather, and basically reminded me of a little Chihuahua with more jewels than I had and that constantly yapped.
It was like being stuck in a building that was slowly collapsing and you couldn't even hear your own screams because Britney Spears was singing.
I needed coffee too.
I prayed to Shiva, Ganesha, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, but no one would help.
She recounted to some poor guy her entire slutty adventures on Spring Break.
I know the guy was standing there thinking "Geez, all I want to do is sleep with you like everyone else, why can't you just shut up."
And I know she was thinking, "Wow! Mark, what a nice guy! I mean, He's totally a good friend, I mean, he's so easy to talk too! I'm going to keep him around for a long time so I can keep telling him everything like this!"
I was very stoic.
I didn't grab her hair and pull it out.
I did not set fire to her clothes.
I did not throw my books at her.
I just stood there.
And waited for the line to get shorter.
And I could get my coffee.
Do you know that she slept (in the bed sense, silly!!) with two different guys over break.

Anyway, I got the coffee. Just plain coffee.
She was still standing there when I ordered.
Do you know what she said to me?
"You should really try the other Starbuck's coffees, plain coffee isn't that great!"
In my most stoic politeness I said, "Miss, I worked at a Starbucks for two years, coffee is the only thing here that I will drink."

To this minute, I still wonder what I wanted to imply by that.

If you google (image) the word "Picture" then this is the first picture that comes up. Beautful isn't it?
Second picture, Britney Spears.... sigh.
It was a Ahhh... Ugh. Moment.

I found out today that I have to go three more semester no matter what because my councler says, "Education department is made out of a bunch of idiots." I really like my councler. So two classes are only offered in the Spring and then three of my classes are not allowed to be taken together because they don't play nicely and fight with each other. I mean, a class about "Educational Philosophy", a class about "Computer Networking" and a class about "Electrical Systems" sound like they'd all argue with each other.
At least I'll be in Seattle next summer.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

My new favorite artist and song.
Madeleine Peyroux - Don't wait too long
It speaks to me on levels I didn't think possible.
She is a cross between Billie Holiday and Diana Krall (leaning more towards Ms. Holiday).

"Maybe I got a lot to learn
Time can slip away
Sometimes you got to lose it all
Before you find your way

Take a chance, play your part
Make romance, it might break your heart
But if you think that time will change your ways
Don't wait to long"

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Instanbul (Not Constantinople)

The Mufasa (the possum) is not dead, he only pretends to be.
It struck again tonight.
This time we were sitting at the dinner table, and my mom looks outside, jumps with an "OH!" attached to it.
The dog, instead of barking, is just intently looking at it.
And Mufasa... well... Mufasa is having his dinner on our porch of the cat's food.
I grab the camera, shoot a video of Mufasa (which will be up and running when I have "SOME" bandwidth to deal with (I'm connected now at 38KB per second).
Yes, I get a nice shot of Mufasa chewing on cat food.
We decide to have the dog chase after Mufasa, so we open the door, and Mufasa takes off (learned its lesson) and the dog runs out, turns around and runs back in.
I mean, why would you want to chase after live food when cooked and prepared food is being served (on a fork, no less) to you by hand?

My dog is not a dumb dog.

Is it scary that the possum is named?

Update: I just heard the bowl clunk. I knew it was Mufasa. So I turn on the light and open the door at the same time, thinking that this would scary the crap out of him. Instead, he just looked up at me, chewing with his mouth open, and I made a little noise and slammed the door. Visions of raccoons running up my leg flooded me and I felt cold. Thankfully, my door slamming woke my mother up and scared the crap out of Mufasa. To bad it scared the crap out of me.
No more being brave like that.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

"Food Porn!" says Ms. World (mouthingthewords)

This was my dinner this evening. It was Lamb chops, garlic potatoes, asparagus, dinner biscuits, and Irish wine... Ok.. Not Irish, but good nonetheless.

Here is another picture of it, plus a picture of the wine

And here is my brother saying that he enjoys in immensely and is not saying that he thinks this is too fancy for his taste.
Sigh... little brothers..(er.. big? I guess he is 6'3")

Wally world

The number one store in Indiana?
Macy's? No.. Nordstrom? no... Express?! No!
So if you have ever seen small town life on a movie, it's wrong.
Signs = small town where there are little shops that don't have much, but are very specialized What have we learned? M. Night Shyamalan, close but no cigar

Fried Green Tomatos = Showed small town life as... everyone sits on the front porch and does nothing (could be true during this time, I wasn't alive, but couldn't find a better example) What have we learned? Very few people do nothing in a small town, I mean... How are you going to get gossip on your brother's-ex-wife's-cousin if you are sitting around?

Deliverance (I know this is just wrong completely) = small town hicks that like to sodomize outsider men What have we learned? WTF?

So what can we say about these movies?
WRONG! (especially Deliverance)

What is small town life?
Wal-mart. I mean, where else can you shop for hunting supplies, get your pictures developed, catch up on gossip, and listen to blue grass music in the veggie section?!

I mean, South Park has it right! (who thought i'd ever say that?)
If a Wal-mart comes into town, that's it. That is where any entertainment and pay checks go.

So today, I had to go to wal-mart.
I HAD TOO!! *whine*
I needed Asparagus.
Sigh... the dinner I made was wonderful, but while in Wal-Mart I was stared down in the alcohol aisle (I once got a lecture that 21 year olds shouldn't be buying alcohol, in Wal-mart by a complete stranger), I had to walk behind two old ladies that were taking up the whole aisle gossiping, and I had to talk to three people from my childhood who knew my parents and had children my age that I should hang out with.
I made it out alive.

I love Wal-mart, the place give me such venting opportunites.

Dinner tonight: Lamb chops, garlic potatoes, bread, and irish beer.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

They're coming to take me away haha!

I entered a MS Paint contest about who has the uglyist classmates.. Read more here.
You see, this is what happens when your boyfriend gets to go to Seattle, and you are stuck at home broke. I'm unleashing my anger on my fellow classmates... well.. it's not like they don't deserve it... actually (scary enough) some would be pretty proud of who they are in that picture... *shudder*

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I heart Huckabee

Cricket: Jesus is never mad at us if we live with Him in our hearts!
Tommy Corn: I hate to break it to you, but He is - He most definitely is.

So, we have a possum that is unusually large. Why? Because he eats all of our cat's food. Yes.. It's so lovely late at night to look out on the porch only to see (not your cats... no...) a huge, ugly, scary, hungry possum sitting there munching on cat food.
That is the wonderful world of living in the country. The number one creature I hate (no.. LOATHE!)is a raccoon. One too many bad experiences in my job at the state park. I have never pulled my mace out more than for raccoons, I feel mentally raped by them. *shudder* They may look cute, but they have no problems grabbing onto your leg and using it as a ladder to get to the food in your hands. *shudder*
Anyway, a close second to the raccoon is the possum.
Possums have never mentally or physically abused me, so thats why they come second. In looks and attitude and movement, they would definitely come first to a slimy creepy feeling that I get when I see them.

Story: So my dog barks (inside the house which he never does) at around one in the morning. I quickly run to the door to see what the commotion is about (not considering it could be a burglar) when i see my dog looking out at .... nothing. There was nothing out there. So I open the door to look outside to get a better look (still nothing) and my dog takes that opportunity to push past me and tear off into the night. A half an hour later, after the dog not reappearing I decide to get a flash light and start calling it. 15 minutes after that, I give up, he's no where near the house (imagine our house as the house from the movie "Signs" because many people have commented that it looks like it and it sits in the middle of nothing). So as I'm walking back inside I suddenly hear a huge crash in the garage. The dog had cornered the possum IN our garage.
So I listen, there is a lot of crashing and hissing and growling.
Then there is silence, and the dog comes out proudly with the possum playing dead in his mouth. He shook it a few times, trying to snap its neck, but the damn thing was so huge that it barely moved.
Amazing, the dog tried killing it a few times more, and then finally came back inside. The possum was gone in the morning.
Sigh... exciting stuff in the small town... sigh...

Monday, March 14, 2005

So today I decided I needed a book.
I don't know how long it's been since I picked up a book and read it. It has be this summer (and no counting re-reading the harry potter books) since I read a real one.
So I go to the library, I find Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and pick it up. I decided to peep into the movie section to see if there were any movies I'd like to see.
That's when I saw Jurassic Park.
Jurassic Park! Brilliant! I just had seen "real" dinosaurs at the museum.

So I go to check out.
The lady says, "I'm sorry your card is blocked."
Me: "Blocked? How can a card be blocked?"
Lady: "Well usually it means someone didn't pay their late fee... Oh! yes, look, you owe us 2 dollars for Guys and Dolls being turned in two days late."
Me: (Thinking this woman looks like Aunt Bee on drugs) "So I owe you two dollars and I'll be 'unblocked'?"
Lady: Why yes! *withering smile*
Me: (Pulling up my purse only to realize for the past 3 months I'd been living in a plastic world with no change let alone two dollars) "You don't happen to take plastic cards do you?
Lady: "Credit cards are really bad, they get people into a lot of debt, I shouldn't think a young girl like you should have a credit card."(lady probably has no concept of a debit card)
Me: (taking that as a no) "Checks?"
Lady: "We use to, but then we had too many bad ones come back to us." (gives me another contemptuous smile)
Me: (realizing that this town doesn't even have a movie theater much less an ATM) Well, then I'll have to come back tomorrow to get the movie.
Lady: Well! Then I'll see you tomorrow!
Me: *grumble grumble*

How did such a small town girl become such a big city girl?
I’ll never know.

In other news, I think Nishant may have found the apartment of our dreams… He called me to have me look at it online, it’s amazing.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Spring Break

My first day of spring break went well.
I did nothing! ABSOLUTELY nothing and it was glorious!
Well I guess Sunday isn't technically the first day of spring break.
SO the second day of spring break was glorious.

The first day of spring break wasn't bad... Just kind of sad.
Nishant and I got up early, ate breakfast together, picked up Laura and drove to Indy. The drive was nice, Nishant at 90 and we got to talk all the way there.
We dropped off Laura at the airport, said goodbye, asked her what time to pick her up, and then Nishant and I drove to the Children's Museum in Indy.
That was fantastic, they have the best dinosaurs there. We kind of waded around screaming and running children to get to look at them, but it was nice we could see over anyone standing in front of us. :)
Some of them were so cute,(children, not dinosaurs) we'd see one tear off in front of us, and then a moment later you'd see a mother running after it. Normally Nishant and I would just point in the direction of the running child and the mother would shoot us a grateful look before tearing off after it. Very entertaining, and a very positive I-don't-need-a-baby-anytime-soon campaign. I'm still looking forward to a year from now when Nishant and I can take a vacation together. I guess there is a small vacation in the plans with Siggraph and L.A. but somehow with him working during it, it doesn't seem as nice as a REAL vacation. I want to go to India.
So after the children's museum, we ate lunch at Fazoli's and then the depressing part came, seeing Nishant leave to go to the airport. :(
A whole week without him.
It's going to be nice to relax, but just not as nice to relax if he was here.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I’m going to go see Asimo today! Or here .

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Harry Potter 6

I KNOW there are some of you out there that would rather me not even mention that there is a cover viewable out there on the web because they don't want to know anything about the book at all until they get it in their hands.
There is cover art and you can see it here.
Or at the Leaky Cauldron where I put a link next to this post.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Rule Number One: Do not run with scissors.

In our apartment...
Everyone is confused.
Katie and I have term papers due within days of each other.
Our rooms and apartment look like a tornado went through them.
The dog eats the cat food, and the cat eats the dog food.
Tonight I spent 1 hour hammering on objects.
And last night I had a lovely conversation with my brother that went something like this:

11:30 pm. Phone rings.
Neil: Anna, I need to know where you went to the hospital when you cut off the top of your finger.
Anna: Uh... Over by Wal-mart, but it's only open till 8.
Neil: Damn... Do you know of any other place?
Anna: Yes, over on 26 before Steak and Shake.
Neil: Oh! I know where you are! Thanks!
Anna: Neil... Why do you need this information?
Neil: Oh.. I don't work well with scissors.
Anna: Are you bleeding from any place on your body?
Neil: Yes.
Anna: How badly?
Neil: Well... I'd say I won't pass out from loss of blood, but pretty bad.

Neil got three stitches from scissors.

I believe sometimes that this is how every American thinks. Especially on days like this.
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna get myself a 1967 Cadaliac Eldarado Convertable,
Hot Pink!
With whale skin hub caps,
An all leather cow interior,
And big brown baby seal eyes for headlights.
And I'm gonna drive around in that baby,
At 115 miles per hour,
Getting one mile per gallon,
Sucking down quarter pounder cheeseburgers from McDonalds in the old-fasioned non-biodegradable styrafoam containers.
And when I'm done sucking down those grease ball burgers,
I'm gonna wipe my mouth in the American flag,
And then I'm gonna toss the styrafoam containers right out the side,
And there ain't a God damn thing anybody can do about it,
You know why?
'Cause we got the bombs, that's why.
Two words, Nuclear Fucking Weapons OK.
Russia, Germany, Romania,
They can have all the democracy they want.
They can have a big democracy cake,
Walk right through the middle of Tienemen Square,
And it won't make a lick of difference,
Because we got the bombs OK!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Well well...

Call me dumb but I never knew what a trackback was. I've been blogging here since July 2004 when my other blog was bombarded by ex boyfriends and creepy stalkers.
I was at Xanga before, and they didn't have trackbacks I guess.
Today I'm going to trackback to Mouthing the words.
While reading this post, I kept saying to myself, "Oh my, this is exactly how I felt last night listening to silly girls in the lab," they would spout off about things like, "Oh my god! We should totally use this as one of our stock options!" I know, this sentence shouldn't be in existence, that was my thought too. I thought they were picking out wedding dresses rather than completing a project for a class they were all in (all = 6 girls all blond).
At first I thought I was getting old, until these girls (probably the exact same age as me) started talking about their weekend and how FABULOUS it was to get trashed drunk. Then I realized that I just had my priorties straight, and their's were gay.
I completed my project 3 days in advance, and they... were trying to finish up theirs Sunday night before it was due Monday.
I can name their names too, isn't it amazing how loud they were?
I feel like I know them all now. I might say hi to one of them if I ever see them again.

Robots = less postal workers

Purdue News
A couple of nights ago Nishant and I watched I, Robot, it was a good entertaining movie. I liked it not for it’s story line, but for it’s forward thinking. Isaac Asimov was a fantastic thinker in my opinion. And I was thinking about it, I didn’t really appreciate his writings until I met Nishant, since then, I’ve been exposed to Computer Science than I ever was before. Some of the functions Nishant writes are so powerful you start to think that I, Robot isn’t that much of an imaginary storyline. For instance, Nishant has a class that is called Operating Systems (probably if you are viewing this, then you are using Windows Operating Systems), and in this class he was explaining one of his functions to me. This function in particular was sorting all the files under ls (um… ls is … list?) so this one function would sort anything thrown at it. It could be ls ext/*r/*s*, or ls ext/r* or whatever you name it (* means any number of letters, so if it is R * that means that it looks for any file with an R then any letters afterwards). So you think, if you programmed a robot to sort any number of mailing packages beginning with a R, then it would take R* and then all the last names beginning with R would be sorted. How easy would that be? We could get rid of half those horribly disgusting mail carriers who choose to smash books into tight little boxes so when you take them out you have to rip half the pages.
So I’m all for Asimo getting rid of those postal workers.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

So last night was fun. Jeff, Laura, Katie, Nishant and I all played 90's edition of Trivial Pursuit. It is a pretty cool game, until you get to the year 1990 and 1991, then it becomes horrible. hehe
After Jeff and Laura left, Nishant started working on CS and Katie and I played Nintendo!! I haven't played in so long. Then finally at 2:30 or so we all crawled into bed (me a little tipsy). It was a very nice night.

Then today, I got up at around 10:30 and i was in the lab at 11:30. From then until 3:30 I just worked. Then at 3:30 Katie called telling me that Coco was coming home to live with us!! Yah!! He is just a beautiful, well-trained dog. Part Chocolate Lab, part border collie.
I came home around 5 and then she and I made BBQ chicken, mashed potatos, corn, and a CAKE to top it off. It was such a beautiful day, we've walked the dog 3 times since he got home at 5. hehe.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

I'm getting sushi again tonight...Yah!!
I thought I'd share.
We were debating Indian when Jeff and Laura called and they were both craving sushi.
I love any restaurant that makes you take off your shoes and sit cross-legged at a table.
I really wish the Indian restaurant Nishant and I go to would allow us to eat with our hands and sit on pillows. :(

Thursday, March 03, 2005

I started out reading a comment on Trivial Matters, and then that grew into a comment, which grew into a blog post. A person named Rahul on the blog commented that he'd like a fruit that would produce the purest honey ever (that is paraphasing, but you can read it if you go to the website).
I remembered going to Khana Khazana with Nishant and eating Gulab Jamun for the first time. This dessert is amazing. One bite of them and this warm liquid that tastes like honey comes rushing into your mouth. It's amazing. I usually eat those last after eating half my body weight in Naan and Chicken Makhanni (this is what Nishant calls it, I'm pretty sure it had another name that started with a T not an English word, I'd remember an English word you'd think.. who knows).
Indian food is the only food I've ever eaten that actually has a lot of taste. Chinese food, is really good, but regular vegetables and sauces are used to make it. Middle eastern food is good, but things like hummus don't have much flavor, only good texture. French food... isn't my taste, other than the breads, if I lived in Paris I'd live in bakeries to survive. Italian is tasty, just not really tasty. And American.... well in America we sell something called Bologna, enough said.
Indian food, one bite and flavors just explode in your mouth. It's fantastic. People here say "Indian food is too spicy" and this translates into "I think it's going to burn my mouth so I'm not even going to bother trying it because I like to eat bologna everyday."

It's so sad. People don't know what they are missing.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

This weekend has sucked, and this week has started sucking.
Let me count the ways...

I found out my Aunt Shirley died of a massive heart attack this weekend. *no words to describe it*
My mom called me with the news, after I went to see Fiddler on the roof *performance sucked*
I was at a really good chinese restaurant when the call happened and didn't even finish my meal *sucks*
I had TWO midterms on Monday, back to back, blue book style. *double sucks*
All this week Nishant is stuck in a lab *suck suck suck*
Nishant has started to get behind on work because I keep having break downs from headaches and stress *sucky*
I have another Midterm on Thursday at night *night sucks*

Update: Things that don't suck: My little brother, who brought me chocolate today at work because i wrote a blog post that said my life sucked.


Every once in awhile I’ll stubble across a blog that I find really interesting. The three main ones that I’ve found while doing this, are featured on the left hand side of the screen. Well, after going to Trivial Matters, I was viewing his comments and I noticed an interesting comment by one person, so I clicked on their homepage. He has a really good blog you can find it here.
Well anyway, if you click on the link, you’ll find some pictures of little figures that are doing odd things. It is quite funny.
Back to the story, Nishant (being a computer programmer and working odd hours) decided he wanted Taco Bell at 10:30 this evening. I went to pick him up from lab and then we drove over there. While standing waiting for food, I looked over and noticed a machine full of toys that looked like these figures in the pictures. Curious I got a couple of quarters from Nishant and got one.
I’d like you to meet Bob.
Bob is an intelligent musician who prides himself in every day work, but doesn’t want calluses on his hands, so he wears gloves often. He plays for the Indianapolis symphony orchestra by day and by night he is a bouncer at a local bar.

I’d like you to meet Bob.
Bob is a hard worker, he worked everyone on the north side and is now making his way to the south side. Don’t cross his path, because if you do, your ass is his. He roughs up anything he sees including his mother and wife. By the way Bob, what is in that case?

I’d like you to meet Bob.
Bob abso-fucking-lutely loves black! He prides himself in being toned because (My God!) every man should be! He loves grooming himself calling it an art form rather than a necessity. By evening he plays his violin because Duh! that’s how he gets laid!

Eh, you pick one, I can’t decide who Bob is, he is a very mysterious person!