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Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Times I was abused by a penis or simply:

T.A.B.P. Times abused by penis...

Chapter One: Small Abuse
My grandparents are wealthy. Some wealthy people like to spend money on things; my grandparents like to travel with their wealth, often taking my family with them.

One of these times that I was present at a grandparent vacation was the summer of '99 when I was 16. We spent two glorious weeks in Italy, from one end of the boot to the other.

While in Rome, my cousins and I decided to do what the Roman's do.

Rome is a lovely city. There are little streets everywhere with little shops and little dogs running around. My cousins and I decided shopping would be nice. One cousin, Carrie, wanted a leather bag very badly. Carrie is a very picky and self centered girl, so after awhile we (everyone else) were just following her from shop to shop, too tired to even look at all the Italian leather around us.
Amy, hypochondriac and attention hound, decided it was her turn to be leader and lead us all to Gelato. While standing there we noticed an outdoor performance with a magician. All of us made our way over to it and stood there to watch.
Very good street performer.
While standing there I suddenly had a warm sensation on the back of my leg.
I found this weird, because it felt as if the sun had just come streaming down to one of my legs.
Curious, I turned around.
Warm sensation disappeared and I as I looked at the roof tops I noticed the sun had just descended over it.
Oh I thought.
Then the warm sensation came back to my other leg then.
Horrified and what it could be, I whirled around and saw a 5’5” man standing behind me.
A very ugly short man with very dirty clothes was standing behind me.
In my nativity I briefly thought, “He grabbed my ass!”
Then in horror, it dawned on me that the warm sensation was a friction sensation.

My every thought must have been written on my face because as the horror sank in, his smile got larger and larger and as the thought completed itself I was left staring at a Jack-O’Lantern smile.
In embarrassment and disgust, I turned (him saying something in Italian that I never bothered translating) and walked swiftly way with my three cousin’s trailing behind me asking why we were going.

When in Rome, don’t do everything that the Roman’s do.


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