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Monday, February 14, 2005

“I work hard and try to be nice to people. I’m not sad or bitter about v-day. I even wore pink to show my support. However, it never fails that the mid-week of February treats me poorly.”


You ever realize that people are very hypocritical?

This is how this post starts out. Notice the “sad or bitter” part... and then again “work hard and try to be nice to people” part. “People,” I would think would be everyone. Don’t you agree? And then the sad and bitter part really gets me in this next quote.

“I’ve made my blog available to the world, but I think, in some cases, it comes down to basic decency, where some people, like those that have a "poor" history with me, just shouldn’t allow themselves the privilege. So please, so that I might have some chance of salvaging this notoriously horrible week of February, get a little self-control and respect for the situation, and don’t come back.”

My, my... doesn’t that sound nasty. I’d say whoever wrote this sure wants “people” to buzz off. I wonder if they know why they are alone on Valentine’s Day. I know a lot of deserving people who should have someone to love, but this one… I really don’t think so.
To think, I really wanted to be friends with this person. I truly did. I tried to correct my past history; I tried to tell this person that they were interesting, that they had a lot of common interests as me, nothing worked though. Everything was shot done and twisted.

My boyfriend warned me it would happen this way, but I tried not to listen. I like giving people the benefit of the doubt. But I concur, he is right and I am wrong. I hope this person has a much happier Valentine’s Day than what has already happened. I feel sad that people are offered the chance of coming to terms with things, and instead, fling it back. Sigh. I guess I’m a much different person.