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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, and fuck you, I'm out!

To all those counselors out there that think it is their duty to ruin a Purdue Student’s life:
Why must you make life miserable for us? How can switching a division or adding or dropping a class become so difficult? Why must students jump through hoops just to get simple things done? Must you make it difficult for us? Why do you stare down your noses and sneer when we can’t get into our classes, when we can’t get a better grade, or when we can’t get the proper forms to you?
Can’t you just help us? Isn’t it your job to be there when we need guidance? Why can’t you tell us where the proper forms are instead of playing hide and seek with us? We aren’t your lab rats. We will graduate anyway. You just make life more difficult.
In my Purdue career I was blessed with two counselors, one from Technology Education and one from Computer Graphics, each being exceptional at what they do.
The other times I have had to deal with another one, I have pulled my hair out, broken down into tears, and was angry that such people could be hired at such a wonderful school. My roommate’s counselor goes so far as to say she shouldn’t bother with school because she won’t succeed anyway, imagine that, she makes better grades than I do. My boyfriend was actually discouraged to take 20 credit hours. He could graduate a year ahead of time if he did. They said no, he did it anyway and graduated with a 4.0. If you have a counselor that doesn’t discourage you or put you down, please do me a favor, go to his/her office hours and shake their hand, because you got one of the better ones.

Anna Hudelson
Industrial Technology (TechEd)

Update: This blog post (minus the "fuck yous") will be published in the exponent (Purdue's school paper). YAH!


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