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Sunday, February 13, 2005

For those of you that hate cheesy posts… skip this one.

So this weekend even though it wasn’t officially Valentine’s Day, Nishant and I celebrated it anyway. Now, this is the second Valentine’s Day I have spent with Nishant, the first we were only 3 months into our relationship so it was still very new and we did very traditional things. Now it is the second one (which is a high mark of achievement on my end, never have I spent two with the same person), and instead of buy things for each other and going out to dinner and a movie and all that jazz…. We stayed in, and we did absolutely nothing, and it was GLORIOUS!!

I have been worried lately about bills, about school, about my job, about my mental stability, about my skin tone, about my cleanliness, about you-fill-in-the-blank. I think most of that worrying was completely irrational and insane but nonetheless, it was still my head messing with me. So Saturday rolls around, and Nishant says, “The day is open, we can do whatever, if you want to go to Chicago we’ll go, Indy we’ll go, riding an elephant through Mumbai…” (eh.. ok, the last part wasn’t him, but you get the drift) and I say, “Let’s make breakfast.”

Nishant is a very fantastic cook. He made omelets that would make your mouth water looking at them.
So then we start watching the ending of “Spies like Us” then that finishes and we are done with breakfast (it’s about noon) and we try to decide something to do. I say lets go to Indy, then I change my mind when I think about it. Then we say lets go play pool and go and sip Vanilla Chai outside of Vienna coffeehouse. So we agree. Then the movie Kate and Leopold comes on. We watch it, still not showered, still not moved from the couch.

Then my brother calls.
Needs advice on wrapping his girlfriend’s Valentine’s Gift (I must say, I was very impressed at my brother’s choice of Valentine’s Gift)
No need to fear, Anna has the perfect tissue paper!
So we go over there, chat a bit (showered of course).
Then we are right by Annette’s dorm room.
I say, “Let’s go say hi”
He says, “Let’s”
So we go.
It was lovely.
Then we left after an hour or so.
Pool didn’t sound as nice, but Vanilla Chai did.
We go to Vienna.
We sit outside, and Nishant suddenly remembers he didn’t call Jeff back.
He calls, and chats a bit with him.
Then we are talking and who walks up but Jeff and Laura.
We ask if they want to watch a movie.
The say yes.
And we watch a movie until about 12:30.
Then we all go home.
And I fell asleep wrapped around my Nishant.
It was a very perfect Valentine’s Day.


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